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Knowledge & Entertainment: By no means a contradiction, it can be child's play. Entertain, teach and inspire - this is the vision of Sophie Verlag: The new, independent children's book publishing house that develops book projects together with its readers, authors & illustrators. Become part of our community!
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 Sophie Verlag: An interactive community for children's books
 Sophie Verlag: An interactive community for children's books
 Sophie Verlag: An interactive community for children's books
 Sophie Verlag: An interactive community for children's books
 Sophie Verlag: An interactive community for children's books

About this project

Funding period 4/24/20 9:30 AM - 6/30/20 11:59 PM
Realisation Winter 2020
Start level 10,000 €

The development of the Sophie-Community (Beta Version)

The autumn/winter programme 2020/2021

Category Literature
City München

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What is this project all about?

Together with our readers, we at Sophie Verlag want to develop educational, entertaining and emotional books that awaken the minds and senses of our children.

We publish non-fiction children’s books with a contemporary "look and feel" that pick up on children's modern viewing and reading habits and that are fun for parents, grandparents and all adults in general.

How does that work? Our recipe combines:

  • Evergreen topics, developed in accordance with the latest research and science
  • Emotionally appealing illustrations based on 3D films, animated video productions and contemporary children's narrative literature
  • Participatory activities that make young readers the real protagonists of the book
  • Excitingly written texts that capture the imaginations of young and old from the first word and take them on a journey of knowledge exploration

What else makes Sophie Verlag special?

  • The books published by Sophie Verlag are narrative non-fiction books. They convey factual information through exciting changes of perspective to shine new light on the subject matter of the book: How, for example, does a young wolf experience leaving the pack and setting off on a new, independent life? How must a dinosaur have felt shortly after the impact of a meteorite?
  • Our books aim to maximise interest and learning among our young readers and call for their active participation: How do you structure the contents of the book so you can write a report on it? How do you initiate a brainstorming session on the topics covered by the book? How do Flora & Leo build a tent? How can you use the stars in the night sky to find your way?
  • Sophie Verlag builds on a digital community in which parents, children, illustrators and authors actively participate in the further development of the publishing house. Members of the Sophie Community can contribute by helping to shape the publishing house’s extended entertainment programme (readings, museum visits, etc.) and by helping to develop new book projects. Because our motto is: All our books combine high quality content with a visual and text language that is suitable for children. That is why we need you, dear parents, grandparents and godparents.
What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We have already published two book series:

Hidden Worlds
Non-fiction books for children from 8 years of age, which look at the world through the eyes of different protagonists. Thrilling illustrations and excitingly written texts create a completely new reading and viewing experience! At the end of the book, the young readers are themselves transformed into protagonists and invited to explore the topic for themselves.

Already published:
Wolves | Dinosaurs

Upcoming titles:
Rainforests | Volcanoes | Gladiators | Vikings | Early Mammals | Under the Microscope

Flora & Leo
Narrative non-fiction books for children aged 6 and over, in which the protagonists - Flora and Leo - visit all possible and impossible places: From the forests and lakes around them to the stars and planets in space. Their immense curiosity makes them want to know everything. In doing so, they invite the reader to join in: for example, by writing a researcher's diary, building a feeding station for birds or identifying trees and animal tracks.

Already published:
The Secrets of the Forest | Walk to the Stars

Upcoming titles:
The Treasure in the Lake | In the Footsteps of Darwin | Journey to the Eternal Ice | Discovery of the Human Body

More information on the individual volumes can be found at The books are available in bookshops and from all major online retailers.

The books published by Sophie Verlag are designed to be a much-treasured, long-lived resource on every child’s bookshelf. Books they will remember all their lives.

We still have a lot to do: Become a part of our Sophie Community and help us design our books with your ideas and your contributions!

Why would you support this project?

Together with you we want to build a publishing house where grandparents, parents, children, illustrators and authors work together to develop ideas.

As a member of the digital community you can help us in the future to develop new book projects with high quality content and an emotional visual and text language.

As an independent publisher, our future is guaranteed by the support of our readers. So let us grow together in the Sophie Community and support each other!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Funding target 1: €10,000
With the money raised from the funding campaign we will finance

  • The development of the Sophie-Community (Beta Version)
  • The autumn/winter programme 2020/2021

Furthermore, your contribution will enable us to bridge the current situation in which trade has slowed.

Funding target 2: €20,000
If we also achieve the second funding target, we will use it to finance

  • The development of the new book series "Mission Knowledge": taking readers on a voyage of discovery into the world of technology and natural sciences (How does a factory - an aircraft - a ship work?)
  • The development of an interactive app for our young readers - you can follow the development of the app in the Sophie Digital Community
Who are the people behind the project?

My name is Giancarlo Russo: born in Italy, I have been living in Germany for 20 years and feel as much German as Italian - but see myself first and foremost as a European.

For 15 years I have sold wonderful children's books all over the world for various German publishing houses.
In that time, I have understood one thing: Books are and will remain the most popular medium for showing children the world.

This topic took on a very personal relevance when my daughter was born. She is the reason why I now make books that appeal to both the senses and the minds of growing children, so that they can take responsibility for our world and do things better than we could.

I have been fortunate enough to receive financial support from dedicated experts in the industry and to attract enthusiastic illustrators and authors to our publishing house. Their competence and experience are behind Sophie-Verlag and this campaign.

Now it's your turn - #weneedyou

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Sophie Verlag: An interactive community for children's books

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