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StayInAKite makes upcycling fashion in which every piece is unique - as unique as you! The material: Disused kites & surf sails, organic cotton, recycled PET & eco-steel. Production: IN and FROM Europe, climate-neutral shipping, packed with grass paper. WHY? I want to avoid waste and keep this really cool power material in circulation. I want simple environmental protection for each of us and I want to give you back a little "vacation in the wardrobe".
18,380 €
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 -- STAY IN A KITE -- FromSky ToEarth ToWear
 -- STAY IN A KITE -- FromSky ToEarth ToWear
 -- STAY IN A KITE -- FromSky ToEarth ToWear
 -- STAY IN A KITE -- FromSky ToEarth ToWear
 -- STAY IN A KITE -- FromSky ToEarth ToWear

About this project

Funding period 8/24/21 9:59 AM - 9/26/21 11:59 PM
Realisation from mid-October 2021
Minimum amount (Start level) 14,500 €

100% of the money goes into the first series production of this upcycling project and bags, pouches, backpacks, vests and jackets are produced.

Category Environment
City Frankfurt am Main

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What is this project all about?

All kites and surf sails that I have processed are extremely stable and ultra-light .
Due to the material and processing, there is each part only once .
The small features that I have built in for you everywhere are really nice.
And when it comes to environmental protection, I'll do everything I can anyway ...

... upcycling
I process used kites, surf sails and production overhangs

... uniqueness
By processing old kites and surf sails, I have a lot of unique pieces made. No two parts are the same!

... variety & eye catcher
All parts stand out due to their colors - as shimmering as the holiday sky ... of course there are also subtle colors if your heart beats in this rhythm

... lightness & stability
The sail material is super, super light and very stable. A real advantage of every bag

... organic material
The processed lining materials, labels, tapes and sewing threads come from ecological production

... Recycled PET
The tape of the zippers is 100% recycled PET and with your support I want to have the closures of the bags made from recycled PET

... Eco-Steel
The slide and chain of the zippers are environmentally friendly, made of steel that was produced with hydrogen

... grass paper
By using banderoles, I reduce the amount of packaging to a minimum. The material of all packaging is grass paper!

... zero waste
I have all of the textile waste processed, which is then separated according to type. The organic cotton residues are processed into new fibers by a partner company. The remains of the sail are shredded on site and processed in-house.

... transport
I keep all transport routes as short as possible. That is why all materials come from Europe as far as possible and are also processed here.

Due to the mix of up-re-cycling bio-material and the reduction of transport routes, I use considerably less water, emit significantly less CO2 and reduce the use of resources to a great extent!
And of course I pay attention to fair working conditions with my partners.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

StayInAKite is made for you ...

... if you enjoy unique, distinctive and well thought-out products and you like nice little features because they bring you pleasant advantages

... if you also think in cycles and want such a great material to get a second life so that all the color and joy lives on in new things

... if you are looking for sustainable and high-quality processed alternatives from a partner whom you trust because they work transparently, fairly and responsibly

... if you maybe also want to save the world a little

Then I am happy that you found StayInAKite!

Why would you support this project?

What does that bring you?

… As a early bird you save 15% [/ b] cash compared to the regular sales price. Completely risk-free because of the all-or-nothing principle here on Startnext

... You will be one of the very first to receive your StayInAKite product!
Always an eye-catcher - high quality workmanship - always unique

... You will meet a lot of nice, new people! This is definitely my personal experience. Because these parts have real contact and communication potential ... let yourself be surprised!

What is in it for me?

... I can realize my first production and make my decisions FOR people and FOR nature come true with this project

... I carry my mission into the world! Because it makes sense to reuse used things and because environmental protection is cool and the future!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

You support me without risk!
Startnext works on the all-or-nothing principle.
If I do NOT reach the starting level, I will not get anything and my crowdfunding has unfortunately failed. Your money will therefore only be debited if the campaign is successful.

Starting level: 14,500 €
YES! StayInAKite is brought to life!
With it I let rucksacks, shoulder bags, gym bags and all kinds of bags go into series production in the minimum number required for a production.
For the time being, hooded jackets and vests are only available in small quantities!

WOOOW, you are world class ...
... because if the € 22,500 is cracked, hooded jackets and vests will also go into series production because the necessary minimum amount can be financed.

=> You will receive your thank you in December '21.
=> Think about it NOW Christmas presents ; o)

Financing for a successful campaign:
92% of the money goes into production and into the high-quality, ecological materials that I have to buy.
4% go to Startnext.
4% flow into taxes and the climate-neutral shipping to you (within Germany).

What has been self-financed so far:
The entire product development from design, pattern creation, prototypes and photo samples. I also financed the photo shoot, website and SoMe campaign myself.
The first steps have already been taken through intensive research, countless phone calls and test sales. So far I have collected around 130 kites / surf sails and concluded great cooperations, so that I have enough OLD NEW raw material for a successful launch.

Now it's up to you what works ...

Who are the people behind the project?

Hello! I am Doris, the founder of StayInAKite!

I come from the clothing industry. After studying clothing technology engineering and dressmaker, I worked for a long time in the field of quality assurance and product management.

I had the idea of ​​turning old kites and surf sails into fashion two years ago in my kite course. It was immediately clear to me that I MUST process this great raw material sustainably, ecologically and fairly. Just to keep the energy and fascination that surrounds this material in circulation.
And because the idea made me so stoked, I just started my project and I still have the fat smile on my face when I talk about it.

Without my family and many dear friends who supported me, none of this would have been possible. That is why I would like to thank all these dear people from the bottom of my heart:
Thomas , my husband, with whom I went through everything again and again, who programmed the website and who always supported me. Charlotte our little daughter, who often bravely missed me and who regularly laid her head on my shoulder with the words “Mom, you can do it”. Dirk , who took the photos with 9 great models in front of the lens. Dirk and Claudia , who always questioned my concept critically in long evenings, kept me on track and gave me really good ideas. Steffen , who peeled out my WHY in endless, patient phone calls with me and who with me and 8 pointed extras [/ u] [/ i] this one Videos realized here on Startnext. Eberhard , who was always interested in the start-up project and patiently balanced with us. Vio and Jürgen , with whom we brainstormed and whose enthusiasm gave me the starting energy. Aileen , who introduced me to the mysteries of Instagram and all the many others who always believed in me and encouraged me:


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-- STAY IN A KITE -- FromSky ToEarth ToWear

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