Die Windelei rents out modern reusable diapers with skin and eco-friendly organic cotton and hemp inserts. The used diapers are picked up at the front door and exchanged for fresh ones. They are then washed in a way that conserves natural resources. Thanks to the special labelling of the diapers, each child receives his or her personal quota back after washing. Together with you we would like to bring Windelei to Munich and expand it further in Berlin.
15,030 €
35,000 € 2nd funding goal
Project successful
 Die Windelei - The cloth diaper service for Munich
 Die Windelei - The cloth diaper service for Munich
 Die Windelei - The cloth diaper service for Munich
 Die Windelei - The cloth diaper service for Munich


Funding period 4/2/19 11:00 AM o'clock - 5/5/19 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period September 2019
Funding goal 12,000 €

Great! The Windelei comes to Munich and we can supply the first 20 families with cloth diapers. Awesome!

2nd funding goal 35,000 €

Hooray! Now we think the Windelei big! Even more cloth-diapered babies in Berlin and Munich, more designs and more cities with diaper service. Pure joy!

Category Environment
City München
Website & Social Media


Michael Obermeier

Michael is a longtime friend and real professional behind the camera. We are very happy that he produced the Windelei movie with M.O.ment's event film. Thanks for your support!


Judith and Maggie from the designerei are responsible for our beautiful logo, the sugar sweet diaper design and the great website. Thank you very much for your patience with us, you are brilliant!

OHNE Der verpackungsfreie Supermarkt

Many thanks to Chrissi, Hannah and Carlo, who have created this great opportunity for packaging-free shopping in Munich! On the 13th and 27th of April we are allowed to present the Windelei there.

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