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The English-language print edition of STUCK Magazine, ‘Born Out Of Odd Circumstances,’ influenced by the dislocation and uncertainty of the global pandemic, brings together the personal stories and works of underground artists from various walks of life. We explore art and stories born from multiple different subcultures and individual practices, from the visual to the audio and the written.
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 STUCK Magazine Issue 000 | Born Out Of Odd Circumstances
 STUCK Magazine Issue 000 | Born Out Of Odd Circumstances
 STUCK Magazine Issue 000 | Born Out Of Odd Circumstances
 STUCK Magazine Issue 000 | Born Out Of Odd Circumstances

About this project

Funding period 1/19/21 3:04 PM - 2/16/21 11:59 PM
Realisation April 2021
Start level 3,500 €

The money will be used for the print of the magazine and its distribution.

Category Journalism
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

Berlin-based STUCK Magazine provides a platform - online and offline - for underrepresented artists from across the globe to present their work, and collaboratively explore both their creative practices and personal philosophies. By fusing the exploration of independent, contemporary art with journalistic storytelling we explore those subcultures which shape modern life.

‘Born Out Of Odd Circumstances', STUCK Magazine’s first print edition, showcases the work, opinions and personal stories of an array of diverse artists, producing a tangible retrospective of the moods and explorations triggered by the upheaval of the global pandemic.

In Issue 000, we talk about diversity in media production and the disruption of digitisation on the contemporary art market, about the fluctuating boundaries of subcultures and the inescapable nature of crime, about self-perception and oppressive external influences.

In today's ever digitalised and often deceptive media landscape, there is increasing need for a counterbalance: for an independent, low-circulation print magazine; one that uses art as an alternative communication channel to inform readers about contemporary social issues that are usually ignored by mainstream media.

STUCK Magazine pushes against the tide, creating a physical art object born from the digital creative landscape. STUCK embodies elements of print magazines that cannot be replicated by digital media: high quality paper, the integration of word, image and space, print-specific graphic design, as well as the collectible nature of a print magazine as a material object.

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Article about STUCK Magazine:

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

STUCK Magazine is for everyone who wants to discover artistic subcultures. For anyone who wants to be inspired by visual and written storytelling, and pay more attention to independent artists. It’s for all those who want to escape the overwhelming headline overload of the digital age and devote themselves to a single distraction. For all those who believe that independent creative projects contribute to the promotion of culture. And it is for everyone who appreciates the unique quality of print products.

Why would you support this project?
  • In order to realize Stuck Magazine as an independent project, and thus our dream
  • To be one of the first to hold the fresh printed magazine
  • To promote independent media
  • To provide a platform for artists
  • To promote the diversity of contemporary culture
  • To drive independent journalism

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How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

To complete our project we need your support. Our first goal is to raise 3.500€ in order to print and distribute the magazine.

All additional funds are used for contributor's royalties, marketing purposes, the launch of the magazine and for ongoing project activities.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are a young international team consisting of Jacopo, Miriam, Marius and Rebecca. Our different competencies, skills, occupations and talents combine everything we need to create this magazine. We are producers, writers, designers, editors and above all visionaries. We are united by the individuality and enthusiasm of unconventional media, art and culture, the visual and the written.

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STUCK Magazine Issue 000 | Born Out Of Odd Circumstances

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