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Save the original: Germany's oldest Surf & Travel magazine needs your support to survive the impact of the pandemic. The surf industry was hard-hit by the crisis, forcing the majority of brands to pull their ads. But we are not ready to give up just yet! Now, we're looking to the community to pull us through. Help us fund the 20th anniversary edition of the BLUE yearbook and keep this piece of printed tradition alive. Every contribution helps. THANK YOU!
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About this project

Funding period 5/5/20 8:19 AM - 6/15/20 11:59 PM
Realisation as of now until 06/15/2020
Category Journalism
City München

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What is this project all about?

German surf culture without BLUE magazine?

For the better part of the last 20 years, BLUE has been a fixture in the German surfing community. To keep the fire burning in this dificult times, we need your support.

The production of our yearbook, including the wages for our authors, photographers, editorial staff and designers is largely financed by the pages we sell to advertisers. Due to the corona crisis many of our loyal partners had to pull their ads and sponsorships, which leaves this year's publication and our publishing house in a very dire financial situation.

Every REWARD sold helps to raise the money needed to publish this special BLUE Yearbook 2020. You'll get one of our limited artist collaborations, a BLUE Yearbook fresh off the printers delivered to your door and a personal shoutout on a dedicated funding page in the magazine. If you're short on change, but would still like to help out, we appreciate that a lot and got you covered with our 10€ "thank you" gift. Every contribution counts!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Very straightforward: Our goal is to finance the Blue Yearbook 2020. The money raised will be put to good use, paying the authors, photographers, editors, designers, our printing and all distribution costs.

Additionally, we'll donate 1% of the funding to the SURFRIDER FOUNDATION GERMANY - keep our oceans clean!

Why would you support this project?

BLUE was established in 1999, as Germany's first surf publication. Our yearbook is a high quality print magazine combining surf culture, art, portraits, travel and creative living. It's a year's worth of timeless stories condensed into 164 pages, that sets standards in today’s surf publication landscape.

We'll put everything we have into creating a very special edition for our 20th anniversary. As always, it's been a very inspiring journey working with the greats of the surf world. By funding this year's magazine, you help the writers, photographers and artists featured in our stories as well.

Many of our independent contributors have been massively affected and we do it for them, just as much as for our readers! With your support we can offer you the stories that keep you inspired and pay the storytellers a fair wage.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money will be used to cover editorial, production and distribution costs. Of course this includes all fees for our many freelance photographers and authors, without whom it would be impossible to realize BLUE in the usual quality.

Furthermore we donate 1% of the funding to the SURFRIDER FOUNDATION GERMANY - keep our oceans clean!

Who are the people behind the project?

The Blue Yearbook is published by Blue Media Network GbR. Partners of the GbR are Andi Spies, Angelo Schmitt and Tom Köhl.

The editorial team includes Jo-Jo Alpers, Karina Rankine, Jan Blaffert, Tom Frey and Roby York. For more about us, check out:

Project updates

7/9/20 - Seit Freitag dem 3.7. läuft der Versand der...

Seit Freitag dem 3.7. läuft der Versand der BLUE Magazine an alle unsere Funder, die ein Yearbook als Dankeschön ausgewählt haben.

Es kann sein, dass ihr bei der Auswahl mehrere Dankeschöns, oder den verschiedenen Packages, das Yearbook vorab bekommt. Zum Teil können wir die Dankeschöns wegen der unterschiedlichen Paketformate nicht in eine Sendung packen.

Aber keine Bange - alle Dankeschöns werden ihren Weg zu euch finden!
Nochmals DANKE für eure tolle Unterstützung!
enjoy the ride

6/12/20 - BLUE is going to print thanks to your support!...

BLUE is going to print thanks to your support! At the start of the funding we were missing 35.000 EUR. Parallel to the funding we generated income through advertisements and cooperations, so that we can now produce the magazine for all Crowdfunders. The production and shipping of all rewards is also secured. As before, every Euro helps us. Because only with additional income we can pay the costs for the editorial work and the online editing. THANK YOU!

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Surfrider Foundation Germany

Since 1990 Surfrider Foundation Europe has been committed to the protection and sustainable use of the seas, waves and coasts.


Surf Film Nacht

Since 2010, SURF FILM NACHT has been bringing the most important independent surf movies to the screens in 40 cities in Germany, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland every quarter.

Dani Garreton & Stevie Gee

DANIELA GARRETON grew up in Chile, a country with more than 4.000km of coastline, the sea soon became her life passion. // STEVIE GEE exhibited his art in cities like New York, Berlin, Bali, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and London.

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