Crowdfunding finished
Not only since the corona-pandemic outbreak, but for the past few years, refugees have lived in frightening conditions and have lost their lives fighting for humane living conditions. This project supports people who are stranded at these borders - namely in Camp Moria on Lesvos, Camp Ritsona located in northern Athens and Camp Nea Kevala settled near Thessaloniki – and we want to try the best we can to improve their standard of living.
2,197 €
Charlott Roth
Charlott Roth Projektberater "This was a fantastic round of crowd financing."

1000€ reached & Progress in Nea Kevala

Johannes Rothkegel
Johannes Rothkegel1 min Lesezeit

Huge thanks to all supporters!

We've already reached our goal of 1000€ yesterday, only after eleven days! The campaign is still running until 15th of August and we aim to collect even more donations for Wave of Hope. Speaking of them, WHF is currently constructing a new school in Camp Nea Kevala. Making progress!

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