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The last Hangmen finally bring their third full lenght to the table. More raging, melodic, hymnic and epic than ever before. Melodic Extreme Metal on a vastly high level. Studio, mixing, mastering, artwork and printing. You help us to cover this costs. In return you'll get some awesome tracks thrown at your ears. Completly without our own studio castle including a sauna. Yet if you guys go full force from the start, with new videos shirts and stage props thanks to flexible stretch goals.
3,907 €
3,500 € Funding goal
Project refused
 The last Hangmen -  Black Fall Harvest
 The last Hangmen -  Black Fall Harvest
 The last Hangmen -  Black Fall Harvest
 The last Hangmen -  Black Fall Harvest


Funding period 4/23/17 9:03 AM o'clock - 5/21/17 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period Oktober/November
Funding goal 3,500 €
Category Music
City Dresden
What is this project all about?

This time it may have took us slightly longer, but maybe you know the saying for third albums: "Make it or break it."

That's why we had to nurse and grow Black Fall Harvest a little longer, like real American Whiskey from Scottland.

Expect 10 hymns crammed to the brim with licks, leads, tasty schredding, brutal blastbeats, flavored with a nice dash of in your face and seasoned with double catchyness.

Including the full package, if we hit the stretch goals together. See next paragrapg for further detail.

So grab your axes and spread some justice with us!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our main goal is to finish this record, wich will continue if not even outperform its two predecessors at all fronts. In the basic goal of 3500 € are included, mixing, mastering, studio time, artwork and the final print.

In order to give Black Fall Harvest the headstart it deserves, we plan with the following stretchgoals this time:

4500 € - A stunning video right at the release.
5000 € - two all new shirt desings (at least one new shirt design with the album cover will be included in the basic goal)
5300 € - there will be a lyric-video
6000 € - we can realize a second promotional video to the start
6500 € - all new stage props (backdrop, sidedrops, rubber chickens)

750.000 € - our own studio band castle complete with Black Jack and hookers, built at a nice vineyard in Toussaint.

So who is the project for?
Metalheads with a taste for the oldschool, melodice yet major ass kicking music.

Why would you support this project?

The music industry is dead! Long live the hotwire directly between bands and fans!

You've shown us your love by bringing Executing Empires into existence. Together we can execute montains. Thanks to your we stay independent and can fullfil our vision. 'Cause this time everthing will be more advanced and sophisticated. Become a part of this mission!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Like the described in the goals section we will use the money in order to bring you this album and with hitting each stretch goal it will be ornamented with more awesomeness.

This time we go full throttle right from the start!

The prices of each reward are including shipping, besides you live outside the EU. Then please get in tough with us and donate a few bucks more, or else the shipping costs will consume all the income.

In the meantime we are allready recording stuff and pulling all the strings we can to bring this baby to life!

Who are the people behind the project?

The last Hangmen:

Simon: Gitarre
Pether: Vocals
Stefan: Gitarre
Micha: Bass
Frank: Drums

For those who don't already know our work, check out our Youtube Channel:


And of course you guys throwing money at us as if we were strippers dancing our ass of for you at the pole.

Project updates


Da sich die Band auflöst, muss das Projekt leider gecancelt werden. Alle Unterstützer werden in vollem Umfang ihr Geld erstattet bekommen. Für Details schaut bitte in den Blog.

The project has been canceled due to a split up of the band. All supporters will be fully refunded. See blog for further detail.

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The last Hangmen GbR
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01307 Dresden Deutschland

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