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Our project portrays the consequences of climate change through music, video and animated illustrations. Musical basis of this project is the famous and much-loved composition “Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi. Using Artificial Intelligence tools, Vivaldi’s composition is altered in a way that makes climate change predictions for 2050 audible. Our project consists of a pre-recorded concert streaming at the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 and a short film with music and animated illustrations.
13,193 €
Alisha Umrath
Alisha Umrath Projektberater "Excellent crowd financing round, I am curious how this project will continue."
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 The [Uncertain] Four Seasons
 The [Uncertain] Four Seasons
 The [Uncertain] Four Seasons
 The [Uncertain] Four Seasons
 The [Uncertain] Four Seasons
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About this project

Funding period 10/19/21 7:03 PM - 12/12/21 11:59 PM
Realisation 20.10.2021 - 31.1.2022
Startlevel 4,000 €

In total, we need 22,000€ for fees (21 musicians, 2 project managers, 4 illustrators, camera and editing team(3 persons) and logistics/transport.

Category Music
City Bremen
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Freunde der Konsonanz e.V. / Kammerensemble Konsonanz
Claudia Beißwanger
Arsterdamm 65
28277 Bremen Deutschland


Klimahaus Bremerhaven

"Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° East" is a unique learning and science centre devoted to climate, climate change and wheather. Our concert performance for the UN Climate Change Conference was filmed at Klimahaus Bremerhaven on 16 October 2021.

Klima Invest

Klima Invest compensated CO2 production of events. We are grateful that Klima Infest compensates our CO2 production for this project as part of our cooperation.

ActNow Campaign of the UN

ActNow is the United Nations campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability. "The [Uncertain] Four Seasons" supports the ActNow campaign.

closeup Stipendium

The "closeup" scholarship of our local media promotion agency "nordmedia" enables us to fund some of the project costs. We also get valuable project mentoring.

The [Uncertain] Four Seasons - global project

Our projekt is part of the global project "The [Uncertain] Four Seasons".

Pochert Consulting

Thanks to Pochert Consulting for the financial support.

Greentech Festival

GREENTECH FESTIVAL creates a space of innovation and networking with a focus on sustainability – in order to advance technological, economical and societal change. #celebratechange