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The historic cultural site in Grünbach am Schneeberg is an extraordinary place of communication and encounter. Surrounded by wonderful nature, this is an inspiring place for artistic development and presentation. The annual program of dance, music and light art invites visitors to experience the historic house with contemporary art and natural sites of the region. NOW, we want to make urgent redevelopment and renovation and make all rooms accessible to host projects again.
6,275 €
98,000 € Funding goal
Project finished
 URHOF20 - Center for Performance Art
 URHOF20 - Center for Performance Art
 URHOF20 - Center for Performance Art
 URHOF20 - Center for Performance Art


Funding period 5/3/18 12:29 PM o'clock - 7/31/18 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period Herbst 2018
Funding goal 98,000 €

With this amount, the renewal of the roof required for event operation can be implemented and the further operation secured.

2nd Funding goal 300,000 €

Other urgently needed structural measures for long-term preservation are the renovation of a suspended ceiling, as well as windows, doors and the façade.

Category Art
City Grünbach am Schneeberg
What is this project all about?

The unique cinema / theater from the 1920s has been vacant for 20 years since the end of the 80s. In 2008, Bea von Schrader (dance and performance artist) discovered the sleeping gem and began excavating the event hall with friends and helpers and structurally secured the house. In 2011 the association Urhof20 was founded. In 2012, the club managed to acquire the building and regain the license to a limited extent. Since December 2012 Urhof20 regularly organizes events in the field of dance, music and media art. The annual program includes performances, exhibitions, workshops and festivals. Artists in Residence work in project phases on piece development and research. The cross-media cooperation is the central focus of the association. Urhof20 offers regional, national and international artists a location for the creative process, exchange and presentation. Away from the big city, the inspiring ambience of Urhof20 and the nature of the Schneebergland are a unique destination for visitors from near and far.
In order to ensure the survival of this historic cultural site, a new roof is urgent. Due to the construction measures, all the project and adjoining rooms should become playable again.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The goal is to preserve this historically unique structure and to permanently present it with a contemporary art and cultural life.
- If you are an artist or an artist is waiting in you ...
- if you consider architecture from the 1920s to be valuable and worth preserving ...
- if you find it conducive/beneficial to find contemporary art in rural areas as well as musicians, dancers, etc. and to create a working space in the midst of beautiful nature ...
- if you want to support a cultural initiative that seeks regional, national and international exchange ...
- if you would like to combine excursions into the nature (into the Schneebergland) with a visit to the theater, a summer night party or a concert ...
Then help us now with your donation and choose for a suitable thank you!

Why would you support this project?

Help to rebuild space for vibrant culture and revitalize this historic cultural site in the snow mountains. The refurbishment enables the long-term preservation of the building and a more comprehensive planning for the further course of the project. A beautiful façade gives a better look to the outside, renovated windows and doors make it possible to play throughout the year, and the construction of the false ceiling allows exhibition space and space for regional initiatives.
In the 1920s there was a great deal of social life in Grünbach am Schneeberg. About 1400 employees worked in the coal mine. In their free time, they began building the worker's home; today's Grünbacherhof. The power of solidarity and cohesion in this founding story encourages us to maintain the heritage of our ancestors together.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With our first funding target of € 98.000, - we will renovate both the roof structure and the new roofing of Urhof20.
When the second funding target of € 300,000 is reached, the renovation also includes the façade, windows and doors and a ceiling of the historic cultural site, making all rooms accessible again.

Who are the people behind the project?

The cultural association KultURverein GrünbacherHOF - Urhof20 was founded in 2011 and consists of about forty volunteers and some artists from the fields of dance, music, painting and new media. The aim of the association is the preservation of the historic cultural site and the revival of contemporary art.

Website & Social Media
Legal notice
URHOF 20 KultURverein GrünbacherHOF
Bea von Schrader
Wiener Neustädterstraße 12
2733 Grünbach am Schneeberg Österreich


NÖ Kulturpreis 2014

Urhof20 received the 2014 Lower Austrian Culture Award in the field of adult education.


V.I.C. Productions / Helmut Schwarz / www.v-i-c.at , Mac Krebernik / Technischer Illustrator / www.krebernik.eu , Reinhard Pölzl / Lichtspiel Allentsteig / www.lichtspiel.at , Daphne von Schrader, Gregor Buchhaus, ScheroNimo

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