The historic cultural site in Grünbach am Schneeberg is an extraordinary place of communication and encounter. Surrounded by wonderful nature, this is an inspiring place for artistic development and presentation. The annual program of dance, music and light art invites visitors to experience the historic house with contemporary art and natural sites of the region. NOW, we want to make urgent redevelopment and renovation and make all rooms accessible to host projects again.
6,275 €
98,000 € Funding goal
All or nothing: Only when the 1st funding goal will be reached the sum will be collected.
 URHOF20 - Center for Performance Art
 URHOF20 - Center for Performance Art
 URHOF20 - Center for Performance Art
 URHOF20 - Center for Performance Art
 URHOF20 - Center for Performance Art

About this project

Funding period 5/3/18 12:29 PM - 7/31/18 11:59 PM
Realisation Herbst 2018
Funding goal 98,000 €

With this amount, the renewal of the roof required for event operation can be implemented and the further operation secured.

2nd funding goal 300,000 €

Other urgently needed structural measures for long-term preservation are the renovation of a suspended ceiling, as well as windows, doors and the façade.

Category Art
City Grünbach am Schneeberg
Website & Social Media
Legal notice
URHOF 20 KultURverein GrünbacherHOF
Bea von Schrader
Wiener Neustädterstraße 12
2733 Grünbach am Schneeberg Österreich


NÖ Kulturpreis 2014

Urhof20 received the 2014 Lower Austrian Culture Award in the field of adult education.


V.I.C. Productions / Helmut Schwarz / , Mac Krebernik / Technischer Illustrator / , Reinhard Pölzl / Lichtspiel Allentsteig / , Daphne von Schrader, Gregor Buchhaus, ScheroNimo

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