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With WaveFont I have developed a technology which for the first time enables the visualization of INFORMATION (volume, pauses, lengths) and EMOTIONS from the VOICE. My survey of deaf associations and colleges has demonstrated that WaveFont subtitles provide significant added value, particularly for the hearing-impaired but also for non-hearing-impaired. Please help me continue to develop WaveFont and make it available as a standard technology.
11,304 €
20,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 5/31/18 1:06 PM o'clock - 8/5/18 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period 2018-2019
Funding goal reached 10,000 €

The amount of € 10,000 will cover a large part of the costs for the further development and promotion of WaveFont subtitles.

2nd Funding goal 20,000 €

The amount of € 20,000 and more will cover a large part of the costs for porting the WaveFont technology to new languages and writing systems.

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Ort Karlsruhe
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