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EveryoneSong -  aus Fremden werden Freunde
EveryoneSong ist eine neue Art, Menschen unterschiedlichster Kulturen auf unterhaltsame Weise zusammen zu bringen. EveryoneSong nutzt die universelle Sprache der Musik und kombiniert sie mit den individuellen Geschichten der Menschen, die zusammenkommen. Aus Fremden werden Freunde.
8.435 €
20.000 € 2. Fundingziel
Projekt erfolgreich
18.01.17, 10:00 Maha Alusi
Dear supporters, Everyonesong in the press Last Friday, the Tagesspiegel main newspaper in Berlin reported: http://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/bezirke/steglitz-zehlendorf/das-projekt-everyonesong-aus-steglitz-zehlendorf-schafft-integration-lieder-fuers-leben/19257740.html EveryoneSong is working on expanding with another round in Zelendorf Berlin More details soon! Rewards Good news! we are posting the rewards on Monday! thank you again dear supporters.
29.12.16, 23:35 Maha Alusi
Dear supporters, Today we got the green light from the Crowdfunding organisers The verifications are done, we are going to get the list of adresses of those who registered for rewards so that we can send you your rewards per post. Everyone Song had its las session for 2016 yesturday in the Time Academy, it was sensational we are touched with the amount of new people attending. Our next session will be in our new spaces: Nachbarschafts Zentrum Wrangelkiez. Cuvrystraße 13-14a 10997 Berlin At the moment we are working on the move from the time academy this week. We are looking forward to your visit in our new spaces. warm regards and big wishes to all of you for the coming year EveryoneSong team and Maha
13.12.16, 08:34 Maha Alusi
Dear supporters thanks to you we can continue with our project. this wedensday session is going to be a special one since we are announcing to our communitiy the coming steps and the good news that now we are able to keep this project alive. more soon. congradulations and keep your support going by attending and telling your friends about the project. Team and Maha
23.11.16, 15:32 Maha Alusi
Dear Supporters, Thanks to you we are now able to plan for the future of Everyone Song. Meeting On Sunday the 19th; Nicole and myself invited our core participants for a workshop lead by Nicole, we spent 5 intensive hours discussing the next steps. The points we dealt with: Function Advantages (good things about Everyone Song) Disadvantages (critics) Suggestions for improvements Finance We also discussed the finances and how we would go about the donated money so that we manage to reach our aims of creating a working and successful Everyone Song module that could benefit its participants and keeps them coming. that is encouraging for more people to join in. that is easy to copy and has a functioning structure for others to repeat and also succeed in making friends out of strangers. one of the decisions we made that we search of a cheaper space to meet since the rent we are paying now is high. Daniel found several alternatives which we are now investigating. Detailed report please stay tuned for a detailed report soon on www.everyonesong.com We welcome your opinion, input and participation. Maha and Team
17.11.16, 12:35 Maha Alusi
Dear supporters We are delighted to have made this step: to make announce our project to the wider public to reach to the crowd and share with them the impact EveryoneSong has on the community around it. We are touched and heartened how people are receiving it, reacting to it and encouriging us to go on and expand. Do you know that we are getting inspiring ideas popping up of the potential of EveryoneSong? Ideas to expand EveryoneSong introduce EveryoneSong inside companies with large number of employees. With a small group of our refugees community, on a three hour EveryoneSong Workshop, we meet with a number of the companies employees. Expected results: Refugees-Employees The employees have the reward of getting to know the refugee issue from direct exchange not from the media. language is no barrier and the time and place is from within the work environment. The strangers loose their strangeness to a more friendly one. Expected results: Employees We expect that the employees taking part in thie workshop develop a closer relation twoards each other. Our dear Supporters, together we can make it, harmony and peace are not far away. fear and doubt will be far. We welcome your feedback on such thoughts. you are now part of the team. Maha and team
11.11.16, 16:12 Maha Alusi
Dear Supportes, We are happy to see so many people joining us and promoting our project. We are also amazed to see how a social aim is something that could bring people so lovingly together. When the American elections came and my daughter said that she was scared that Trump would win.... I thought to my self that I know that it is not in the hands of the authorities to decide for us if we want to live in harmony and without discrimination. I am experiencing this power in this project and with this Tool of a crowdfunding Campagne. I know now how to comfort my child, I know the answer to wipe her fears: "It is us my love it is the humans we can create peace and we shall do that, so do not worry and trust in the power of the good humans" Cheers to all of you good humans. Maha and Team
07.11.16, 12:32 Maha Alusi
Thank you our Supportes! I am asking you to support us by telling people about the project. let us make this happen. more friends less Stranges. more peace and harmony around us. 35 more day to go. if each one of us told the story of this work to a friend, and got them to participate with a minimum amount, then this work we are doing would reach the many. warm regards Maha
04.11.16, 16:28 Maha Alusi
Vielen Dank an alle, die uns bisher schon unterstütz haben. Die ersten 20% sind schon geschafft – es ist aber immer noch ein weiter Weg bis zum Ziel. Bitte teilt die Kampagne auch weiter unter euren Freunden, damit auch in Zukunft aus Fremden Freunde werden können. Herzliche Grüße Maha und Nicole“