FIRA is THE new way to drink after work. It's not a replacement or an alternative to something already available and it's definitely not another sweet lemonade. So what is it then? FIRA is the first non-alcoholic after work drink that supports calming your nervous system! Think of the exact opposite of an energy drink - et voilà. FIRA is made with natural ingredients like botanicals and extracts that act soothing - a remedy to modern times.
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Startlevel 18.000 €
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 Let´s make the new FIRA Soda flavor together!
 Let´s make the new FIRA Soda flavor together!
 Let´s make the new FIRA Soda flavor together!

Über das Projekt

Finanzierungszeitraum 05.12.22 12:43 Uhr - 09.02.23 23:59 Uhr
Realisierungszeitraum We're ready to Go!
Startlevel 18.000 €

With this amount, we're going to prototype, produce and warehouse 10k cans of the new FIRA flavor, pay for Startnext fees and donate 1% to the SDG Fund!

Kategorie Food
Stadt Berlin

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Worum geht es in dem Projekt?

We set out to make peoples after work time more relaxing by supporting their need to chill.

Andy Warhol said "Two's a crowd, and three is a party" - we're already selling two types of FIRA Soda - let's now give our two existing drinks the third sibling!

And the cool thing is - we want YOU to be part of our journey by CHOSING THE NEXT FLAVOR with us!

Here is some background on why we chose to make relaxing drinks for FEIERABEND...

“Feierabend” is the German word for the timespan after work. Instead of explaining its literal translation, we want to tell you what it feels like. "Feierabend" is the moment of the day when you let go of your duties and finally take a deep breath. That moment, when you don't have to do anything, achieve anything, when you just do you, Boo.

But even though it is important, relaxing is not the easiest thing to do. Especially during this high anxiety time we live in, bombarded with unlimited possibilities of distraction.

Was sind die Ziele und wer ist die Zielgruppe?

People are stressed af...

... and we're here to help them!
Even prior to COVID-19, our stress levels were rising significantly around the world and mindful drinking is on the rise. We create products for professionals like us, who enjoy an active life but also want to feel good.

FIRA generally focuses on making it easier to fully participate in social occasions without drinking booze. We do this by providing alcohol’s stress-relief usages through herbs and botanicals, without losing its appeal to health-minded consumers.

Warum sollte jemand dieses Projekt unterstützen?

Invest in Rest!

It is time for a refill and for a new flavor of “Feierabend” Soda. The 27.000€ goal will fund the first production of our new flavor, the fees for Kickstarter, covering the shipping for all European pre-orders, and to be able to cover costs like making the recipe, buying the raw materials, testing the product and logistics. As soon as we can pay people we are ready to GO. Then we can start creating, testing, producing and filling the most relaxing ingredients into cans.


Let's goooo!

Was passiert mit dem Geld bei erfolgreicher Finanzierung?

With your support, we can create 10k cans of a a brand new Feierabend Flavor!

  • Research and creation of a commercial recipe
  • Buying the raw materials necessary
  • Canning and labelling
  • logistics and warehousing
Wer steht hinter dem Projekt?

I'll tell you a little bit about me, a retired workaholic.

"Growing up in an entrepreneurial and ambitious environment, the desire to make a difference, to try things out, to challenge myself was breast fed to me. I hustled from an early age and I must admit, I enjoyed the hustle so much I didn't even notice how work and the constant need to be productive turned into something that wasn't good for me.

At some point I ran out of breath. Because I had forgotten how to take a break. How? I was constantly looking for things that would allow me to keep going and I didn't pay attention to recharging my batteries regularly. Around the time I turned 40 I had enough! So I started thinking about how my day was structured, about the moments I had time for myself, when I actually put my feet up, took the bra off. I asked myself, “How does being really relaxed even feel like?" And then a very specific moment came to mind - “Feierabend”. And so I decided to do exactly that - Feierabend. And produce products around that moment to promote the importance of taking time for yourself, consciously creating moments of relaxation and doing something that is good for myself."

And with that, the Feierabend Company was born."


10.01.23 - Hi ihr Lieben, DANKE für eure Unterstützung!...

Hi ihr Lieben, DANKE für eure Unterstützung! Über Weihnachten war nicht viel los, deshalb lassen wir uns noch ein bisschen mehr Zeit - gut Ding braucht Weile ;)
Wir halten euch auf dem Laufenden und freuen uns auf den 3. Flavor.
Alles Liebe, Alexandra

14.12.22 - Wir müssen den absoluten Mindest-Betrag von...

Wir müssen den absoluten Mindest-Betrag von 15k erreichen und haben andere Wege der Crossfinanzierung gefunden, bzw. einen Rezepthersteller, der uns das Rezept kostenlos erstelllt.


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Let´s make the new FIRA Soda flavor together!

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