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"Gute Leute, the international face of Hamburg” is a free print magazine that portrays the citizens of Hamburg through visual stories - all with an international twist!
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Isabel Jansen
Isabel Jansen Projektberatung Die Crowd hat entschieden: Das Projekt wird ein toller Erfolg!


Sabela Garcia
Sabela Garcia3 min Lesezeit

One month long is over and the crowd funding campaign for Gute Leute Magazine has come -finally- to an end. It has been hard work trying to reach everyone and explaining them the aim of the project but now the pride of reaching our goal pays back all the efforts put into it. Not only ourselves but our personal network have also worked hard to spread the word- You are awesome guys!

The fact is that we reached a couple of days before the final date the sum of 5,000€ that we need to be able to publish our prototype. That is amazing and gives us definitelly the power to go on and make it happen.

My team and I would love to thank you from heart for placing your trust in our work.

I am conscious about the fact that there is not much to be seen yet. Many of you just believed in the potential of such a project and blindly supported us. Well, we are not going to disappoint you. Thank you we are going to be able to offer the city of Hamburg something that is missing and that we hardly could explain with words. We prefer you to see the final product and have it in your hands and then you will be able to judge it by yourselves.

We would love to thank not only the actual crowd funding supporters but also the people who were there from the beginning sending us messages of support to keep us going on! Not forgetting the many of you who also wrote us willing to take part and collaborate. That was one of the most beautiful and rewarding moments of this crowd funding campaign.

Which are the next steps? We are finalising the last articles and photos and our team of designers, Guille and Caro, are making their magic making sure it all looks great. If we meet the deadlines, the prototype should be out in November.

'We are also planning a launch party so you can meet us, give us feedback and the most important, celebrate with us that a new international baby-project is born in the city. Keep posted and join now the newsletter if you haven't yet to make sure you don't miss the date. We want you all to be there because you are one of the most important part of this project!

We are looking forward to having the magazine prototype in our and in your hands.

Thanks again.

Your Gute Leute team

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