Crowdfunding since 2010

This is how Startnext is funded

Did you know that Startnext itself is crowd-funded? Since 2010, the company is free of shareholders, investors and keeps the profits in the company. This allows the Startnext team to work for the common good and focus on creating purpose. Profit maximization for shareholders outside the company does not play a role.  

How does it work?

Startnext receives voluntary support from the crowdfunding projects themselves, the cofunding cooperations as well as from the supporters.

What happens with profits?

If we as a company earn more than we spend on salaries, rents and infrastructure costs, this profit is reinvested. 

Examples of reinvestment in 2020 and 2021:

  • Hosting in-house cofunding campaigns like the relief efforts
  • Initiating the daily Academy, which is free and open to the public More
  • Hiring new employees with innovative application channels such as the crowd agents
  • Creating new opportunities and added value for crowdfunding projects like Snuugl, marketplace for rewards More
  • Generating social benefit, like the Vielfaltoskop

Contribution of starters

The costs for a Startnext project only arise when you have reached at least your start level, have finished the funding phase and you get the collected money paid out. The smallest selectable start level is level 1 and is 100€. The costs will be deducted from the payout amount before the payout.

Fixed costs

  • Transaction fees: As long as money is in play, it needs payment service provider and banks. They want to be paid for their services. Transaction fees are charged with the average value of 4%

Voluntary costs

  • You determine the amount of commission that is possible for you, proportionate to the funding amount collected (including possible cofundings)
  • Proposed is 3% commission in the project interface
  • This amount can be drawn to 0 € and also increased
  • On average, starters give 1.8% commission

Contribution of supporters

Voluntary support

  • In the support process of all projects on Startnext a pro rata amount of 15% is proposed
  • This amount can be drawn to 0 € and can also be increased. 
  • On average, supporters give 6% to Startnext for for the independent mission of Startnext