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Arouse emotions with images

The visualization of the idea

This chapter is about how to please the eyes of your potential supporters and reach them so far that they come closer and support your project.

You have 1 title image, 1 thumbnail for the project widget and 5 gallery images for the visualization of the project idea. On top of that, you have another image ready for each reward.

  • Choose a theme that is easy to recognize.
  • Make sure it is sharp, contrasty and expressive.
  • Arouse emotions and imagination.
  • Inspire the crowd to take a closer look at the image.

In the following video, successful starters talk, in german, about how they approached this. 

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Tips and tricks

  • Find a central theme by which your project will be recognized again
  • Use this theme and its variations as cover image, thumbnail and on all communication channels.
  • Let motifs stand clear and alone. Avoid text, graphics and logos on images. Images immediately look promotional and therefore are often not shared by the press, blogs and on social media. Also, images are processed 60 times faster by the brain than text.
  • If you can't make your own images, then you can find free images on Pexels or Unsplash. 
  • Optimize images for search engines by giving them a title. The file name contains the most important keywords. For example: "doghammer-crowdfunding-fairly-produced-toe-kicks.jpg"
  • Make sure you have permission to use other people's images.
  • Enter your central project terms at Ecosia in the image search and choose an image motif that you don't find there yet.
  • For image editing there are free alternatives like Gimp, XnView or DigiFoto.

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Giving and becoming with rewards

This is going to be about the consideration you give back to the crowd. It is called reward at Startnext.

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Gute Ideen

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