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The images and photos on your project page should capture your idea, look great, and attract the attention of the crowd. The thumbnail and cover are the first part of your project your supporters see - and the first impression is always the most important.


      • Use expressive and emotional images that catch the eye. If you don't have any images, photo databases can be a solution. Pexels and Unsplash offer free images.
      • Define 2 to 3 signature images that you frequently use in your communication so your supporters quickly recognize your project.
      • Make sure the pictures have a good quality. They should be clear, razor sharp and have adequate lighting.
      • Add pictures to your rewards so that supporters see what they can buy and get curious. Rewards with pictures are statistically selected more often.
      • Offer your fans a variety and show different perspectives of your project, e.g. pictures of your product in action, your work situation and your team.


      • Don't use texts, logos and graphics in images! The images seem immediately promotional and are therefore mostly not shared by the press, blogs and social media. In addition, images are processed 60 times faster by the brain than text.
      • Avoid unfavorably cut motifs. Use cross images, in which the motif can be seen entirely on mobile phones and on computers.
      • Make sure you don't use copyrighted images without permission.

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