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Record a pitch video

The video is the most important element of a crowdfunding campaign. Supporters want to get to know you and your project. It doesn’t need to be a professional video - you can even use a webcam or a mobile phone. Just make sure the clip introduces you and your idea authentically.

The perfect video

  • Personally introduce yourself and/or your team. Tell the story behind your project: Where did your idea come from? Why do you want to make this project a reality?
  • Explain why you need the support of the crowd, how you plan on spending the funds, and what sort of rewards your supporters can expect.
  • Add a link to your project page at the end of your video so that potential supporters know where they can support your project—this is especially important if your project video is embedded on other websites. Youtube allows you to use annotations on your video that link to your Startnext campaign site. Read here how it works.
  • Make sure your video is no longer than 2-3 minutes.

Our tips

  • A pitch video shouldn’t be confused with a teaser or a trailer. If you have already created a movie trailer for a film project, for example, you can work that separately into your personal introduction.
  • A common misconception about crowdfunding is that it’s about donations. With crowdfunding, you can support unique projects, find collaborators, and bring new ideas to life. If you weave these elements into your introduction, you’ll quickly win over potential supporters and fans and get them excited about your project.
  • Make sure you don’t use any copyrighted music without permission. You can find a partial selection of music under free license on the following sites: SoundCloud, Vimeo Music Store, ccMixter or Free Music Archive.
  • On most computers, a video editing software is already installed. e.g. Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. These tools are easy to use and are generally sufficient for editing. You can download more free software here: DaVinci Resolve, Shotcut or Directr.

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    Select images

    The images and photos on your project page should capture the idea, look great, and attract the attention of the crowd. Your project image is the first part of your project people will see - and the first impression is of course really important.

    Our tips

    • Use convincing and meaningful photos, for example pictures of your idea, your product and your team.
    • Avoid placing texts or logos in the images. Less is definitely more.
    • Show your supporters what they will get. 

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