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There are values that already exist on Startnext that stand for collaboration and thus promote diversity - this is the central thesis.
The task of the Vielfaltoskop is to measure these values, evaluate them and communicate them in a playful way.

Projects that fulfill at least 7 values will be explicitly encouraged and rewarded. You can find the current encouragements on this page below. In addition, all projects that fulfill less factors will get a playful impulse to become more collaborative and divers.

The values

  • You have supported another project as starter
  • You have already successfully brought another Startnext project into the funding phase
  • You have a project team and it consists of at least 3 people
  • Secret ingredient
  • You are approved to a cofunding campaign
  • You have keywords in your description texts that promote diversity
  • You have at least one collaboration (network) with your project, which also shows up on your project page
  • You are the first Startnext project from your city to move in the funding phase
  • You come from a rural area
  • You and your team have brought your Startnext profiles to life with profile picture and "about you" texts
  • Your project has been included in the recommended projects
  • One of your team members has already brought a Startnext project to the funding stage
  • You are a cooperative, foundation, association or non-profit company

Where do you find the Vielfaltoskop?

Currently, from the start of the funding phase, projects can see the evaluation for their project in the new tab "Vielfaltoskop" in the interface.

Projects already encouraged by the Vielfaltoskop

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Be colorful

Does a VI promote diversity?

The Startnext VI, the Vielfaltoskop is a diverse intelligence. It is a cooperation of people from the Startnext team, data from the platform and Startnext projects. The Vielfaltoskop encourages and rewards cooperation with the goal of promoting diversity.

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