How to shoot your pitch video

The pitch video is the most important element of your crowdfunding campaign. In the video you introduce yourself, your idea and your team personally, so that your supporters know who they trust their money with and why. It's not about producing a professional video, but presenting your idea authentically in front of the camera. Your mobile phone will serve the purpose as well. You can integrate your video with a Youtube or Vimeo link on your project page.

        Tips for your pitch video


        • Introduce yourself and your team in person.
        • Tell the story behind your project: How did you get the idea? Why do you want to realize the project?
        • Explain what you need the support of the crowd for, what you intend to do with their money and what advantages will they have for your supporters.
        • The first 20 seconds are the most important, because here your viewers* decide whether they want to finish your video or not. So explain what it's all about in the first 20 seconds. Your video should be a total of 1 to max. 3 minutes long.
        • Call for support and add the link to your project page at the end of the video so everyone knows where they can support your project.


        • A pitch video is not a teaser or trailer. If you already have a movie trailer, you can place it after your personal introduction.
        • Crowdfunding is not about collecting donations, but about supporting unique projects, participating in them and bringing ideas to life - with this speech you will inspire your supporters.
        • Make sure you don’t use any copyrighted music without permission. You can find a partial music selection under free license on the following sites: SoundCloud or Free Music Archive.
        • Avoid monologues and lengthy narratives. A few well-placed cuts in the video will help you get to the point quickly and visualize your idea. Windows Movie Maker and iMovie are easy to use and usually sufficient for editing. Also free of charge: DaVinci Resolve and Shotcut.

        Examples for amazing pitch videos

        DUSCHBROCKEN -  Einfach. Sauber. Reisen.
        DUSCHBROCKEN - Einfach. Sauber. Reisen.
        Das erste, feste Shampoo für Haut & Haar. Speziell für nachhaltiges Reisen. Lecker duften. Clever reisen. Umwelt schonen.
        47,149 € (943%) successful
        Kiron University
        Kiron University
        Kiron University offers world class academic degrees for refugees. Anytime, Anywhere, Tuition-Free. Our vision is not just to overcome the obstacles refugees face to access higher education, but to build a better, more individual-centered university for their needs - regardless of their...
        537,359 € (448%) successful
        Movie / Video
        Ein Film über einen Roadtrip mit Zelt und vier Kindern zu den Lofoten.
        16,051 € (229%) successful