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10 topics, on 10 days, in 10 minutes each, will get you ready for your crowdfunding on Startnext. In a Q&A at the end of the input, you can ask your questions about the respective topic and network with the other starters at the same time.

The 10 key crowdfunding impulse sessions

Week 1

  1. Monday - The potential of crowdfunding
  2. Tuesday - The funding levels

  3. Wednesday - The pitch video

  4. Thursday - The thank you gifts and our marketplace (Snuugl)

  5. Friday - Legitimation and payment processes

Week 2

  1. Monday - The target group
  2. Tuesday - More reach
  3. Wednesday - Practical tips for social media
  4. Thursday - The project statistics
  5. Friday - Pitch Day (for pitchers, register here)

Current Academy Cycles 2022

  • 18.07. - 29.07.2022
  • 01.08. - 12.08.2022
  • 15.08. - 26.08.2022
  • 29.09. - 09.09.2022


  1. Go to the Zoom waiting room before 11 a.m
  2. 11:00 a.m. all guests will be brought out of the waiting room and into the session
  3. Check-in

  4. Impulse Topic

  5. Q&A

  6. Check-out

The rules of the game

There are a few rules for the Academy Sessions that lead to creating space for fun and learning, and forward-thinking exchanges.

  • Have fun
  • Be ready to show yourself with video
  • Mute your microphone while others are speaking
  • If you have a question or comment, give us a visible show of hands or use Zoom's "raise hand" feature
  • It's your turn and you can speak freely as soon as the moderator calls you
  • Share your ideas and thoughts openly and boldly
  • Receive and give feedback as a gift
  • Relate your questions and answers to the topic of the day
  • Keep it short and try to frame your questions in way that can also help others

pitch and win

The pitch day

The Startnext Pitch Day takes place every second Friday at the end of an academy cycle via Zoom. Six starters get the opportunity to pitch their idea in front of an audience, get direct feedback and network with others from the community.

Register to pitch

Tips and tricks

We use Zoom software for our Startnext Academy. Zoom is free for you, simple and runs flawlessly most of the time.

Here's how to participate:

  • Install the Zoom app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Need help? The Zoom Help Center can help.
  • Share your video to the app or browser so you can be seen.
  • Have something ready to write on so you can note questions for the Q&A.
  • If you're being called on, remember to temporarily unlock your microphone.
  • To show emotion, use Zoom's "reactions" feature or the chat.
  • It can be really nice if you include a background, e.g. related to your project.

The academy team

Michael Schmidt
Project consultant

"We all learn from each other at the Startnext Academy. While we share our crowdfunding knowledge, you give us an insight into exciting projects. I am grateful for this exchange!"

Alisha Umrath
Crowd Agent

"Getting to know starters and their ideas, exchanging ideas with them and accompanying them on their way is great fun and inspires me."

Alexander Katzmann
Crowd agent

"I don't know of a better place than the Academy to share and develop crowdfunding ideas."

Joy Lange
Crowd agent

"Exchanging ideas with starters at the Academy is always a great pleasure and enormously enriching."

Elisa Palacios
Crowd agent

"Lo que me gusta de la Academy es poder tener un contacto más directo con los Starters y que sepan que hay personas comprometidas con los proyectos en Startnext."

Project consultant

"Promoting good ideas together, that's what crowdfunding stands for to me. The Academy gives everyone the opportunity to implement a project effectively."

Read in

Startnext manual

In the manual you will find step-by-step instructions, valuable tips and further inspiration. The manual follows the goal to take you by the hand while you start a Startnext project.


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