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Startnext Culture Flood Fund

Relief action number 3

It's summer 2021 pandemic or flood. One unexpected scenario follows the next, pulling the ground out from under the feet of the cultural and creative industries. Crowdfunding gives the possibility to help affected people quickly, without much paperwork, to get support.

Startnext as a rock in the sea

Startnext has so far already funded 2 pandemic relief campaigns from its own resources and created the following impact:

  • 16.078.514 € 
  • 2.306 projects
  • 248.281 supporters
  • 590.000 € Cofunding 

It turns out that in chaotic times for the cultural and creative industries, Startnext is a rock, a lobby, a mental safety net and ally. That's how it will remain.

Where does the money for the fund come from?

We follow the Startnext manifesto:

  • Money rules the world, purpose will dethrone it

    Money shall not be accumulated to a throne, but reinvested and distributed to foster people, projects, talent as well as the environment.

The project has raised almost €1 million in support for winemakers within a week.
The Crowd has also given voluntary support for the mission of Startnext. This money is reinvested in the Culture Flood Fund.

Start of the application phase

On 01.08.2021 Startnext launches the application phase for the third in-house aid campaign - the Culture Flood Fund. Curated crowdfunding projects on Startnext get 15% cofunding in addition to every support.

Participation is open to all who:

  • have started a Startnext project.
  • have a residence in the areas that have to overcome financial bottlenecks due to the flood and its consequences.
  • are part of the cultural and creative industries.

Become part of the relief action Culture Flood Fund.

  • Motivate and support people to start a Startnext project.
  • Once projects entered the funding phase, it's time to support and share them.
  • If you are a company or a foundation, give budget to the fund and become a partner of Startnext and all projects participating in the Culture Flood fund.

  • Be loud and visible and share the Culture Flood Fund.

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