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Crowdfunding since 2010
Crowdfunded since 2010

Raise money, build community, create value...

Every single day, the Startnext team makes sure that you can start and fund a project on Startnext, regardless of your privileges.

We measure value creation not in terms of profit or shareholder value, but in terms of public benefit. Startnext and the projects on the platform contribute in their own way to a sustainable and grandchild-friendly future.

Get yourself and your team involved with a project. Let's fund solutions together. Let's be the community that motivates, supports and promotes each other. Startnext is a certified B Corp and does not distribute profits. We have been funded by voluntary contributions since 2010.

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The idea behind Startnext is simple: many people (crowd) finance (fund) together an idea, a project or a company. With a crowdfunding you can get visibility, supporters, a network, feedback and a market test. Start today with a project draft here.

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Learning Networking Testing Pitching

The community team has designed  Academy sessions that take place from Tue-Thu and are live via Zoom online. There you will learn, free of charge, how to successfully launch a Startnext project and how to get through the funding phase. On top of that, you can network with other starters.

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