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EveryoneSong - Strangers will be Friends.

EveryoneSong - Strangers will be Friends.

In EveryoneSong we learn how our hearts beat, we learn how other music tastes.

Berlin Community
Maha Alusi
Nicole Yazolino
Everyone Song
Starting phase
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 EveryoneSong - Strangers will be Friends.


Funding period 06.12.2016 23:59 Uhr
Realisation period 25.10.2016 - 31.03.2017
Funding goal 7,000 €
City Berlin
Category Community
In 2015 one million refugees from many different countries came to Germany. Everyone of us, foreigners and locals, we are given an opportunity to practice our humanity. To find ways to get to know each other. To understand and respect, not to fear and mistrust. EveryoneSong is a new and entertaining way of connecting people. We use the power of Music combined with storytelling, we bridge the gap of language, we invite all nationalities to be part of our sessions. Strangers become friends.

What is this project all about?

EveryoneSong is a project space where people from different cultures share their favorite music and personal life stories without language barriers thanks to simultaneous live translation, enabling people to establish human relationships based upon common interests, experiences and shared feelings
How do we structure our weekly meetings?
After a short round of introduction, our guests can individually choose a piece of music or a song that triggers in them certain memories which they formulate in a short story they tell to the others. The music is then played and it’s magic is powerful. Music brings those sharing it together. It creates a new story between those listening to it.
On one hand, feelings of separation and alienation are replaced with familiarity and community. And on the other hand, new worlds open up for all participants regarding cultures, societies and, of course, music!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is:

  • To continue developing "EveryoneSong" to become a popular platform that expands.
  • To be able to provide our model as an easy to follow method for other initiatives in other places in Berlin and throughout Germany to work with and create their own communication and expanding community.
  • To develop a virtual meeting place beyond the physical space, beyond borders.

To make this possible, we need your support. Participants: EveryoneSong focuses on all people currently living in Germany and/or Berlin as well as on all people who come to Germany and/or Berlin, regardless of nationality, gender, religious identity or cultural background.
Sponsors: EveryoneSong needs material and immaterial support from individuals, institutions, NGO’s and Initiatives.

Why would you support this project?

We believe that it is in our hands to take the necessary steps towards peace. The first step is something WE can do. With this belief we began EveryoneSong. Eleven months later, we are certain that this path is leading us closer to a multicultural, peaceful community and society. We are inviting all those who want to create a future of world peace and who want to live in peace now to join us - life is beautiful and together we can show it.
Up to this point our community has invested money, time and energy to start and to continue running EveryoneSong. Hours of concept development, content development, administration, leadership, advising and business operations have been and would further be 100% volunteer. The more people involved, the more ideas and energy our program could benefit from.
Now we need your input in order to continue and to grow and expand evermore!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

This money allows us to fund more EveryoneSong sessions, so that we can make our community grow and give more people the opportunity to become friends with strangers. As well as financing enough sessions to enable us to complete the development of our formula and provide other organisations and people to easily copy. Our estimate is that we need 7000 Euros to achieve this!

Our community has made it possible to fund our sessions for us to keep on our vision of world peace. We have made it till now to meet every week for the last 42 weeks. We are asking you to join us to fund more future sessions and to be part of our community. During this time we are all going to be working on documenting and turning the success of our sessions into a recipe for others to follow. We believe that we can reach that goal when we involve other peace loving humans to participate.
We are also building the sessions to go beyond our physical space, beyond the borders of Berlin, beyond the borders of Germany to everywhere where strangers need to be friends. Everyone Song also provides virtual meeting spaces. With everyone who joins us, we come one step closer to make this a reality: worldwide peace becomes a serious possibility!” This vision can only become a reality if it is envisioned and spoken about loud. Did not Martin Luther King say: “I have a dream!”
The credit will be for us not only achieving the funding goal but to include as many people in our vision. Any donation would show us all that the vision may be only a dream, but that it can be realized and visualized with available tools like a crowdfunding campaign.

If we reach 20.000 € or more, we would develop a virtual meeting place - for others to share their stories and music beyond the borders of Berlin and also to turn our results and experiences into film for others to share. Furthermore we are hoping to enable online participation in our live-events, so that we can expand the session beyond the limitation of the physical space.

Considering the present situation in Germany: We believe that not only it is contagious the feelings of being empowered to change a situation that everyone fears (having strangers amongst us, we are strangers to those who are joining us).
When this fact is turned into a recipe for world peace then it is obvious that what we think might be bad for us is the actual reason for our happiness now and for many years to come… we only need to show it and every one would then be able to see it and follow it. This is how a problem turns into an opportunity of happiness and peace..

If you want to donate an amount of your choice and require a donation receipt, then let us know, our NGO can issue donation receipts for tax requirements. However, we cannot give you a donation receipt if you´fe received one of our rewards in exchange. In that case you can get an invoice.

Konto: Happy Moments e.V.
Bank: Berliner Volksbank
Subject: EveryoneSong
IBAN: DE09100900002598826008

Happy Moments e.V.
z. Hd.: Maha Alusi

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 42/43

10999 Berlin

Who are the people behind the project?

Maha Alusi and Nicole Yazolino founded EveryoneSong in December 2015. The personalities and life stories of architect, storyteller Maha and musician Nicole encourage and enable session participants to open up, share their stories and change their status to the other participants from strangers into friends.

Today the core community is about 80 refugees and 30 locals who regularly attend our sessions.
The number of our expanding community is made of about 400 people from 37 different countries who have shared time with us in at least one session.

Video credits
Maha Alusi: Co-Founder, Artist, Humanitarian
Nicole Yazolino: Co-Founder, Musician, Humanitarian
Stefan Godskesen: Filming And Concept
Louis Durra: Editing And Finishing
Jakob Blazejczak: Translations And Project Management
Matthias Seyerlein: Marketing

Music: “Intro to Shamstep” by 47Soul

Thank you for your support!
More information under:

Legal notice
Happy Moments e.V.
Maha Alusi
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 42/43
10999 Berlin Deutschland

1. Der gemeinnütziger Verein führt den Namen: Happy Moments e.V. und ist in das Vereinsregister des Amtsgerichts Charlottenburg eingetragen
2. Zweck des Vereins ist die Förderung internationaler Gesinnung, der Toleranz auf allen Gebieten der Kultur und des Völkerverständigungsgedanken
Quelle: http://www.onlyhappymoments.de
3. Steuernummer: 27/667/55518


We at Grezzli we believe in Connecting people to spread peace.
We have been asked by everyone song to help grow their community to achieve their Vision using social media power.
We strongly believe that strangers will be friends :)

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