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Ideas made in Africa
20.000 km von Deutschland nach Südafrika. Auf der Suche nach Ideen.
3.145 €
3.000 € Fundingziel
Projekt erfolgreich
15.05.14, 12:36 Philipp Hoening
Good News: Thanks to you we reached the 3000€ and successfully finished our crowdfunding project! Thank you for supporting us, thank you for sharing, liking and spreading the word! What's happening next? - We will continue with our tour, provide you with all stories, experiences and cool ideas we find. And of course we will start putting together the rewards for all our great supporters :) And now back to business: On we share our experiences in Ghana, one of the most interesting countries on our way so far. Check out and hopefully enjoy ;) Max, Philipp & Martin
25.04.14, 16:05 Philipp Hoening
First of all we would like to thank our supporters for carrying us already halfway towards our goal. We never expected to reach this amount in only a couple of days... keep spreading the word and together we will make the other half! Now, let's get back to the continuation of our journey: During our way to Liberia as well as the stay in the capital we again encountred great people with unique stories. Also we met an old friend and faced the challenge of buying used tires on a market... For the whole story check out our website :)

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