Trust and Safety

We created Startnext to build a community that promotes and implements great ideas – in a safe, transparent and successful way. We don’t curate projects, which means: everyone gets a chance to kick off their idea! Your trust means a lot to us. We do everything we can to deserve that trust and make your Startnext experience as positive as possible.

Crowdfunding is not online shopping

When you support a project, you give more than money: you show your faith in the idea. Starters provide a realistic estimation on their project page regarding the finalization of the project page and the delivery of the rewards. This means you won’t receive the product you chose immediately. For a very simple reason: in most cases, the funding is needed to kick off the production! You are legally protected nevertheless. With your support, you enter a classic purchase contract that entitles you to your reward.

The starters are responsible for their projects

All projects on Startnext are passionate endeavors of people who strive to create something new. The execution of things that never existed before isn’t always easy and it may happen that things don’t go as planned. The rewards may for instance not be ready on time. Therefore, we strongly encourage open, transparent and honest communication on the platform. Project starters are always responsible for the campaign and the realization of their idea – as a platform, we have no direct influence over this. Should you have a conflict with a starter, as a last resort, we can step in and try to clarify the situation.

    With Startnext, we want to create an open and transparent platform where each and everyone can start their project and participate. Trust and communication are fundamental in our work.

    Denis Bartelt, CEO and co-founder Startnext

    What you can do as a supporter

    • Look at the project page and do your research.
    • If something is unclear, ask the project starter directly. Your feedback is always precious!
    • Observe the actions of the project starter. Good signs for instance would be them answering questions openly and encouraging exchange.
    • Your reward is late and you don’t know why? Ask the project starter what the issue is.
    • If the starter doesn’t answer questions or give updates: don’t give up! Ask again and if that doesn’t help, we’ll try and establish contact.

    What you can do as a starter

    • Be transparent. Always communicate with your crowd and keep them updated.
    • Plan your project carefully so there are no bad surprises. Our project advisors are happy to help out if you have questions.
    • Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Plan realistically – your crowd is counting on you and your statements.
    • Know your partners (logisticians, printer...) and make sure you can also count on them.

    We’re here for you

    If you notice a project where something seems a little off or that doesn’t follow our guidelines: get in touch, we’ll take care of it as quickly as possible. Reports are our absolute priority. You’ll find a "report abuse" button on every project page.

    We’re looking forward to building tomorrows economy together!
    Your Startnext team