Israel-Palästina Bildungsvideos

I hope that we can listen to individual narratives. This is the only way to learn to reduce anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism.

Ökologische Schwammalternative von The Closest Loop

In order to continue our journey, it’s time to change direction. The sponge is only the beginning.

Spinnenseide zur Heilung von Knochen und Knorpel II

Spider silk can significantly improve the medical treatment options in case of larger bone and cartilage defects.


We will have made the impossible possible - but only with you!

Waldemar Zeiler from 12/06/2020 angle-down
Wildling - Wir brauchen Blumen ohne Gift!

Flowers are up to 120 times more polluted with pesticides than fruit and vegetables. This needs to change!


The situation of the homeless in Germany is intolerable. Go Banyo wants to gradually make housing a fundamental right for everybody.

Go Banyo from GoBanyo angle-down