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Projekte / Social Business
ITOPUA bedeutet "wachsen" in Igbo, einer nigerianischen Sprache. Unser Ziel ist es, hochwertige afrikanische Designprodukte jedem zugänglich zu machen, der einen Internetanschluss besitzt. Wir liefern direkt von den Designern, in einem fairen Deal für alle Seiten. Wir unterstützen so Handwerker ihr Geschäft zu skalieren, die wiederum ihre lokalen Gemeinschaften durch Arbeitsplätze unterstützen. Unser erstes Ziel ist es, 10 neue Designer bis April zu unterstützen und ITOPUA zum Laufen zu bringen
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01.12.2016, 11:26 Alexander Sandal
Want to know about one of our rewards? Of course, you do. In the rewards section (click here) we’re offering limited edition posters by Olisa Nwoye. Olisa Nwoye is a passionate Nigerian painter and illustrator who began his artistic career from age 16. Olisa has ten years’ experience as a studio artist and, having also been educated as a painter at Nsukka, we can see he’s been very focused on achieving his artistic mission. Olisa moves in on his own experiences when he paints. He wants to paint Afrocentric realities, the harsh truths of the world around him and the daily struggles of African Youth. Olisa tries to reflect this in his brush style which is blunt and technical. He’s looking to tell stories of life, as they are, without moderating them or cleaning them up. One of his works of art “Redemption Song” was used as the 2013 brand icon for Women for Change in London and his works feature in numerous private collections. Olisa’s artwork and the lifestyle his art represents really touches on ITOPUA’s social impact mission. The art tells the story of the communities we want to empower through trade, and the struggles we want to reduce by providing a market for its craftsmen and designers. Support ITOPUA and get your hands on limited edition works by this talented African artist – click here to go to our rewards page now.
26.11.2016, 08:16 Alexander Sandal
ITOPUA is special and we aren’t like other businesses. There’s a real mission behind our model and we’d like to take a moment to give you five of the best reasons to support ITOPUA. 1. We’re a Social Impact Business ITOPUA is a 'social impact company,' which means that we’ve crafted our business model to encourage sustainable development and make a difference for communities. We do this by providing a destination for the products of talented designers in African communities and sourcing directly from them. 2. We aren’t based on giving hand-outs. ITOPUA believes that the best way to make a real difference is to empower people through trade and transaction. By sourcing directly from designers and buying goods at a fair price we make makers and their communities more prosperous in a sustainable way that creates economic benefit. 3. You can get exciting unique products which otherwise wouldn’t be available. A lot of the products we showcase are unique in terms of their artistry, aesthetic, function and character. We want you to see African designers first at ITOPUA and bring you the best of the various creative communities from Cameroon to Cape Town. 4. You’ll be supporting art and design. Our mission doesn’t just help African communities, designers and our buyers. The whole design and art community will benefit from the injection of new artistry and be inspired to create new, better, more enjoyable products. 5. You can have great rewards. We’ve got some great rewards for you in return for supporting us ranging from discounts, to exclusive artworks, to designer hunts in vibrant cities. By supporting us you can get these benefits and know you’re helping us to achieve our mission to support designers. Join us on our journey of growth! Click here to take a look at our great rewards.
19.11.2016, 10:21 Alexander Sandal
To begin this blog, we would like to say that we will break our usual tone a bit to tell you about ITOPUA’s social impact vision and how much fun we had at our first Pop-Up store in Munich the first two weeks of November 2016. We’ll also be giving a shout-out to the lovely people at Startupstore N’ Stories who are the people that organised the pop-up store. Then we will also cover some developments and tell you about an exciting way you can support us to realise our mission. We were selected to take part in the first ever startup pop-up store in Germany Startupstore N’ Stories . Thank you @Kreativmuenchen for this great opportunity. So now we’ve said thank you, we’ve got some exciting news about our crowdfunding launch. ITOPUA ( e-too poh-ahh) means growth in the Nigerian language of igbo, and when we named ourselves we did so purposefully. ITOPUA isn’t just a website – we’re on a mission to make growth happen. We want to connect talented designers from the African continent with you, our customers, all over the world. By doing this, we allow you to get unique products you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise and provide a platform for designers to grow their business by accessing new markets. It’s a simple idea, but it makes a big difference to designers and communities which couldn’t otherwise sell their products so easily. By supporting us you not only get these unique rewards and discounts, available only to our supporters, but you’ll be helping us to reach-out to even more talented African independent designers, craftsmen and artists. You will also support them to scale their businesses which in-turn support their local communities by creating jobs. Our quote of the week is this Swahilian proverb, “ Where there are many, nothing goes wrong”. Our dear supporters, join us in the journey of discovering design products made in Africa. Help us to bring the creations of independent designers, craftsmen and artists around the African continent to Germany, Europe and the world! We openly welcome your feedback and ideas as you are now part of our team and our community. Ifeoma and the team.

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