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Four Corner Posts for Building a New House

Four Corner Posts for Building a New House

- for building a new German – soon also a European house. Chances for all – instead of eternal crisis!

Düsseldorf Social Business
Stefan Frischauf
Stefan Frischauf
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Funding period 01.10.2016 23:59 Uhr
Realisation period from 01.10. 2016
Funding goal 70,000 €
City Düsseldorf
Category Social Business
DEMOCRACY lives from movement – from change – and the courage to achieve that! “Doing good labor means being curious, researching and learning from ambiguities” – says US-sociologist Richard Sennett. WE want to move something in Germany – and in Europe! For arriving at WE though WE need to make targets and perspectives explicable again also for our children. Therefor: United direct candidates – competent and experienced citizens into parliament!

What is this project all about?

The elections for the German Bundestag in autumn 2017 are coming up soon. “Criticism” insofar should always be constructive and show off alternatives.
Here it’s all about pragmatic proposals, which shall until the polls develop to programmatic contents – and soon also to legal bills and to a real program.

The ARCHITECTURE of a “new Europe” is structured in the sense of a “solidary Modernism” – based upon a “new deed of partnership”. This correlates with a European “New Deal“ – a contemporary interpretation of what US-president Franklin D. Roosevelt built up there in the 1930s.
Also former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis hints towards that with his “modest proposal for sorting out the Euro crisis.”

I’m ready for “games with questions and answers” of any kind.
Insofar I “throw my hat in the ring” – as it is said so nicely.
The idea shall here also be spread wider – more citizens shall get ready to apply for being direct candidates for the Bundestag. That way the “political field” of action shall be moved further.


What is the project goal and who is the project for?

“Four corner posts for the construction of a new European house” -
legal bills, which tackle subjects at their roots.

These are here presented as proposals for the about 62 Mio. German citizens, who are entitled to vote.

Many are saying since years, that Germany isn’t really “prepared for Globalization”. Our history of the 20th century is quite rich in painful experiences.

In the sense of the “country of poets and thinkers” these shall be implemented into ambitious programmatic action. The risky, but well foreseen and evaluated “jump over our own shadow” replaces small technocratic steps around the bush, which sadly though will lead us into increasingly deeper abysses.

That way here also a ball shall be got rolling, that in the 299 electoral districts autonomous citizen committees can emerge, who develop common values and guidelines for their work.

62 million German citizens, who are entitled to vote, voters of “old parties”, boards + voters of small and protest parties and – non-voters thus shall be named here generally as target group.


Why would you support this project?

Because it’s all about our future and the future of our children – the future of Germany as our country in Europe.

And more.
In a real democracy there are always “alternatives”.
Thus – when I here “throw my hat in the ring” I also declare, that I will go until the candidate for chancellor. For that I ask for the support of many citizens – your support.

Here it’s first of all about ways – contents, which shall be brought to light – into public discussion. For sure unconventional proposals, which result from my experience and my competence. Proposals, which shall find a broader publicity at altogether about 80 million German citizens – and about 508 million EU citizens.

Proposals, how WE soon finally shall be able to see some light at the end of the tunnel of crisis in Europe.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

“Nothing is as consistent as change”.
This should be particularly valid for a democracy and its possibilities to develop – to learn.

37+ Theses for a „New Social contract“ – including particularly the targets “Four corner posts for the construction of a new European house” shall open up discussions – and new horizons for a future for all, who want that amongst around 80 million German citizens – and soon then also amongst about 508 million EU citizens.

Also the idea of “direct democracy” can be revived by “direct candidates” running for parliament.
Premise therefor is, that the German Bundestag itself really is ready for giving part of its power to the German people, as it is compelled to according to Art 20 German Basic Law (!).

It’s here about activating as many as possible of the 62 million Germans, who are entitled to vote and POTENTIAL direct candidates for the elections to the Bundestag in September 2017.

1. Who amongst the 62 million Germans, who are entitled to vote doesn’t want to represent him or herself as potential direct candidate has contact persons in the autonomous citizens’ committee of the electoral district.
2. “In the end” there will be 299 COMMON direct candidates, who are independent from the established parties.
3. Also you can play a part in there – with your knowledge, your professional competence and your efficiency in providing solutions and your experience of life!

For campaigning, publicity and information therefor – and for the “Four corner posts for the construction of a new European house” etc. in the forefront a lot of time and money is needed – money, which shall be collected here. In addition to that this shall enable the collaboration of many humans – potential direct candidates and members in citizens’ committees.

Who are the people behind the project?

Stefan Frischauf is an architect and father of three children (two boys – 1 and 5 and a girl, 14 years old) at Düsseldorf.
He’s as well the founder of „ANY UPAE - ANY Urban Planners Architects and Engineers*“ – corresponding: “Any human can be a potential urban planner, architect and engineer!”
For the elections for the German Bundestag in autumn 2017 he introduces himself as direct candidate for the electoral district 106 = “motor” of the autonomous citizens’ committee 106, Düsseldorf 1.

(with CV for download)

Further supporters:
Helmut Krause is an attorney for labor law at Puchheim, close to Munich.
He’s the founder of the “lateral thinkers’ forum / we take over responsibility as civil society in Germany – interactive participatory democracy” and the initiative “Common / United Direct candidates”.
He introduces himself as direct candidate for the electoral district 216 = “motor” of the autonomous citizens’ committee 216, Fürstenfeldbruck.


Alexander Jobst was co-owner and director of an advertising and promotion agency at Dresden.
Since midst 2015 he lives on a former farm in the county of Brandenburg and is busy in doing permaculture, biologic agriculture and regional self-sufficiency.

Since January 1st, 2016 he’s active as “motor” for the autonomous citizens’ committee in the electoral district 056 – "Prignitz – Ostprignitz-Ruppin – Havelland I".

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