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Projekte / Technology
Kerberos - C64 MIDI Interface
MIDI interface for the C64 with PC/Mac filetransfer and flash memory.
4,544 €
2,500 € Funding goal
Project successful


Thank You!

This reward gives you the good feeling of supporting new hardware for the C64.

Estimated delivery: August 2014
3 Supporters

For this reward I'll install the Cynthcart synthesizer software on your cartridge. It is a special version from the developer, with MIDI capabilities. See his homepage for details: http://www.qotile.net/cynthcart.html

Estimated delivery: August 2014
44 Supporters
Shipping cost: Germany

Shipping cost within Germany. Needed only once.

Estimated delivery: August 2014
28 Supporters
USB-MIDI adapter for PC/Mac

If you want to transfer programs from the PC or Mac to the C64 and you don't already have a USB MIDI interface, then you can order one with this reward.

Estimated delivery: August 2014
23 Supporters
MIDI cable, 2m (6.5 feet)

If you want to connect a MIDI keyboard or other external MIDI devices, then you can order this cable.

Estimated delivery: August 2014
14 Supporters
Shipping cost worldwide

If you live outside Germany, then select this for the shipping cost.

Estimated delivery: August 2014
29 Supporters
C64 Kerberos MIDI Cartridge
C64 Kerberos MIDI Cartridge

For this reward you'll get a fully assembled and tested cartridge. Please select the 5 Euro or 10 Euro shipping reward as well, and please specify if the flash menu should be for the C64 or the C128. The C64 menu works on a C128 in C64 mode too, but a C128 menu only runs on the C128 itself (but you can change to the C64 mode from within the menu).

Estimated delivery: August 2014
66 Supporters

The complete package: You get the cartridge, the Cynthcart software with MIDI capabilites, an USB MIDI interface, a 2 m MIDI cable and your name or website will be listed at the end of the PDF manual, if you like. Shipping is included in this reward.

Estimated delivery: August 2014
4 of 25 Supporters
Big Sponsor

The ultimate reward: same as sponsor, but your name or website will be displayed in the menu system.

Estimated delivery: August 2014
0 of 3 Supporters

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