We are Karlijn Langendijk (NL) & Ladislav Pazdera (CZ) and Meraki is our upcoming duo album with acoustic guitar music. The word Meraki means doing something with a lot of love and putting a piece of yourself in your work. And that's exactly what composing music means to us both. We've been working together on these compositions for the last two years and we believe they are finally ready to be shared with all of you. Give them a listen, we hope you would like them.
8.114 €
8.000 € Fundingziel 2
Projekt erfolgreich
 Meraki – Stories told in tones and colours
 Meraki – Stories told in tones and colours


Finanzierungszeitraum 08.10.19 18:56 Uhr - 27.10.19 23:59 Uhr
Realisierungszeitraum December 2019
Fundingziel 6.000 €

Our first goal is to raise funds for the essentials: recording studio costs, mixing, mastering, CD pressing, artwork designing, GEMA costs & delivery costs.

Fundingziel 2 8.000 €

This goal will help us convey our stories with more colours. We will make a thought-provoking music video with our community of backers & promote the album.

Kategorie Kunst
Stadt Dresden
Website & Social Media
Ladislav Pazdera
Bernhardstr. 4
01069 Dresden Deutschland


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