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Miracles and inspirations - Short animation
A short animation about how imagination and creativity makes life enjoyable and fun; and how inspiration lies all around you. An eight year old girl spends summer vacation in Rome. She discovers the city through her imagination and help of an ancient statue. Years later, as a grown up artist, girl struggles to work on a painting. Childhood memories help her gain an inspiration to push forward and work hard.
1.558 €
1.000 € Fundingziel
Projekt erfolgreich
 Miracles and inspirations - Short animation


Finanzierungszeitraum 20.09.13 18:08 Uhr - 20.10.13 23:59 Uhr
Fundingziel erreicht 1.000 €
Stadt London
Kategorie Film / Video

Worum geht es in dem Projekt?

This project is a part of the Animation Talent Award contest where out of 5 music pieces you choose one and create an animation concept based on the chosen music.

The concept of my animation talks about incredible imagination of children and inspirations we take from memories and everyday life. My concept is based on the music piece entitled Kindle and created by Boris Nonte. Kindle is a playful and dreamy score, which allows imagination get wild.

Animation, which I intend to produce presents a little girl, who spends summer vacation in Rome. During visiting the ancient ruins she encounters a statue of a Roman woman. The trip becomes an amazing experience when statue comes to life and befriend little girl. Ancient lady shows the girl ancient Rome in it's glory days.

Second part of animation presents a girl much, much later. As an adult she became an artist, who struggles with starting a new piece. However, after she rediscovers a photograph from childhood trip to Rome she gains inspiration and work hard on a new painting.

Was sind die Ziele und wer ist die Zielgruppe?

The project goal is to create a short animation, which shows how imagination can enrich our life, and how life can inspire us to work hard and create things we enjoy.

Warum sollte jemand dieses Projekt unterstützen?

By supporting this project you help to create a visually appealing tool to inspire people to think creatively, use imagination to brighten up the world and remember great inspiration is all around us.

Was passiert mit dem Geld bei erfolgreicher Finanzierung?

The gathered funds will help me to support myself on the day basis, while working full-time on the project. The more support - the more time I can sped on this project.

Note: In case of a successful project financing the non-profit organization "Academy of Media and Arts Association e.V." (IAMA), represented by the ANIMATION TALENT AWARD-profile, accepts the money and pays the project initiator off.

Wer steht hinter dem Projekt?

Technically, the project crew is myself. But realistically, it's everyone, who support me with feedback and critique and people who encourage me to keep up when mistakes happen.


Boris Nonte is on the cutting edge of film & television, having branded some of the biggest campaigns world-wide.

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