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Gebhard Borck
Gebhard Borck1 min Lesezeit

Hello fans and supporters,

it has been a long time since the last blog issue. But it took that long to get the book translated. That's because my German is no easy thing to translate ;).

Finally Chryssula did it and I have now the raw material for the book on my computer. While reading it and correcting some details I've had the idea that you people, who had been interested enough to support the project one year ago, could help me with this too.

So here's the Monkey Business Christmas Deal 2013.

- You tell me which chapters (or even the entire book) you would like to read, comment and review for faults. You send me your comments and corrections until the 24th of December 2013.

- I give you all the chapters (or even the entire book) for free which you will read and send Feedback until Christmas!

If you are interested, have time and know a sufficient english - maybe even better than mine ;)! I'm happy to receive your mail at [email protected]!

Kind regards



Gebhard Borck
Gebhard Borck1 min Lesezeit
Operation Monkey Business