"Poem - kann man ein Gedicht tanzen?" Der Zusammschluss "Junior Ballet Frankfurt" möchte Tanz mit Musik und Poesie verbinden um so eine neue Erfahrung für Tänzer und Publikum zu erschaffen.
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Meet Anna, Dancer at JBF

Anna Gorokhova
Anna Gorokhova1 min Lesezeit

Good afternoon everyone! My name is Anna and I was born in Moscow and started my dance education at seven years of age. I studied in several professional ballet schools, but finished the education in the school of contemporary dance by Ogryzkov. At the age of eighteen I moved to Frankfurt am Main to get Bachelor Degree in "Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst. During the education I did an apprenticeship in Staatstheater Mainz with "Tanzmainz company". After the graduation I started to teach and freelance and at the moment I'm a guest dancer in Staatstheater Darmstadt. Furthermore I joined "Junior Ballet Frankfurt" in 2017 and I'm very excited to participate in a new upcoming project "Poem", which is going to be a contemporary evening of young choreographers.
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