"Poem - kann man ein Gedicht tanzen?" Der Zusammschluss "Junior Ballet Frankfurt" möchte Tanz mit Musik und Poesie verbinden um so eine neue Erfahrung für Tänzer und Publikum zu erschaffen.
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Meet Veronika

Veronika Kolomaznikova
Veronika Kolomaznikova2 min Lesezeit

Hi, my name is Veronika and I am coming from Czech Republic where I completed my dance education with a focus on classical ballet in Dance Conservatory of Prague. Afterwards, I was a member of the company of the Moravian Theater Olomouc and later I joined Black Light Theater of Prague with performance Antalogía on tourné around South America and China. As a guest dancer, I danced in Noth Bohemian Theater Ústí nad Labem. Together with Prague Festival Ballet, I performed in Germany and Switzerland. In 2014 started to study dance pedagogy and became a member of Ballet company in musical Fantom of The Opera from Andrew Lloyd Webber. I moved to Germany to do an Erasmus internship in Hochschule fur Music und Darstelende Kunst Frankfurt am Main. Currently, I work as a guest dancer in Staatstheater Darmstadt in Die Fledermaus. Thanks the Junior Ballet Frankfurt I get my first chance to create a piece as a choreographer. I get inspiered by book Unbearable Lightness of Being and I am working with idea that our existence is a conflict of two opposing principles of the duality of the immortal soul and mortal body, the need for physical existence and spiritual freedom. I wish we get chance to perform it. Please support us to make this project happen.

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Meet Veronika

Veronika Kolomaznikova
Veronika Kolomaznikova2 min Lesezeit
Junior Ballett Frankfurt / DAS STUDIO
Anna Filatov
Offenbacher Landstr. 7-13
60599 Frankfurt am Main Deutschland