Karlijn Langendijk


Karlijn Langendijk was born in 1995 and grew up in Uitgeest, The Netherlands. Surrounded by acoustic guitar music since birth, she started playing the guitar at the age of 13 inspired by her father. Her music is not just happy or sad – she composes all the intricate shades of emotions that people feel really intensely but cannot communicate in words. As a guitarist & composer, she is fascinated by all kinds of different music genres and she mixes all these together into a completely unique style.

She has shared the stage with musicians like Tommy Emmanuel and Peter Finger, and has toured in Europe, China and India. Together with acoustic guitarist Tim Urbanus, she released her debut duo album “Leap of Faith” in 2015 at the renowned label “Acoustic Music Records”. In November 2015 she won the first prize and the audience prize at the “SAI Acoustic Guitar Competition” in the Czech Republic. She played in the finals of the “Acoustic Guitarist of the Year 2018” competition in London.

In 2017 Karlijn graduated from the Conservatory in Utrecht (NL) and also finished her master studies in “Acoustic Guitar” at the Hochschule für Musik in Dresden (DE), where she received lessons from well-respected musicians like Thomas Fellow, Reentko Dirks and Stephan Bormann.

Her solo EP “Luna” was released in July 2017 and is an engaging and diverse mix from her solo repertoire that she is playing on tour regularly.
In 2018 she cofounded MusiSHEans – a community to support and empower female musicians who should be heard for their music and not be judged on their looks or sex appeal. In November 2019 she will be part of the MusiSHEans Announcement Tour through Europe.

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