Laura Knoops

Deutschland / Berlin

I am a Berlin-based art director at the crossroads between digital & print graphics, video performances and textile design. I was born in France, from Belgian and Swiss parents. After graduating in Visual Communications from Duperré and Estienne in Paris, I landed in Berlin about five years ago and began my professional journey as a designer.

I am covering works in all areas of design within the cultural and commercial fields mainly music industry, fashion and art. Involved the last two years in digital products, user experience and agile methodologies. I translate visual codes, through art direction and creative innovation, into functional design principles and relevant online and offline solutions. Working across different media, disciplines, and industries, I always believed that design, as opposed to merely styling, requires a range of skills, interests, processes, and perspectives.

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Auf Augenhoehe - Mode für kleinwüchsige Menschen

Auf Augenhoehe - Mode für kleinwüchsige Menschen

Mode-Kollektion für kleinwüchsige Frauen und Männer, basierend auf unserer Konfektionsgrößentabelle für Achondroplasie