Lisa Morgenstern


Lisa Morgenstern is a German pianist, singer and composer who has established a reputation for her intense emotional performance style that effortlessly blends a background in classical music with a contemporary approach to electronics and songwriting. The daughter of two career orchestral musicians, Lisa was exposed to music from a very young age and displayed a natural affinity towards the piano. As a teenaged Lisa balanced classical piano contests with following a carrier as a professional ballet dancer - a combination of influences that brings unique elegance and poise to her music.

Focussing on music, Lisa released her debut full length album ‘Amphibian’ two years ago. The atmospheric production and dark subject matter of her songwriting established Lisa also as a inspiring figure in the dark romantic music scene. The follow up EP ‘Metamorphoses’ pursued a similar aesthetic and saw Lisa touring mostly throughout Germany.

Currently based in Berlin, Lisa is working on her second full length album titled ‘Chameleon’ in collaboration with the renowned Berlin based producer and cellist Sebastian Plano. Whilst maintaining her piano driven songwriting, this new album will also see Lisa explore a more neo-classical direction, making also extensive use of eurorack modular and vintage analogue synthesisers.

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Lisa Morgenstern - neues Album \'Chameleon\'

Lisa Morgenstern - neues Album 'Chameleon'

Lisa arbeitet an ihrem zweiten Album namens 'Chameleon' in Zusammenarbeit mit Sebastian Plano als Produzent. Werde Teil des Projektes!