Nicole Yazolino

Germany / Berlin

I am a woman of the world wearing many hats: but the beauty and music of simply existing is the central force in my life.

Whether I am performing as an opera singer or singer/songwriter, composing music, working on social-integration projects with locals and refugees, working with clients on voice/presentation training and awareness training, using my energy to support others in their companies, or simply spending a Saturday morning running or painting, the point is to live and love and taste the beauty in every day.

Maybe you think: "Hey, wait a minute! That's too much for one person to do!"
I say: "No, my friend! When we are doing what we love, we are limitless. I am limitless. And so are you."

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EveryoneSong -  aus Fremden werden Freunde

EveryoneSong - aus Fremden werden Freunde

In EveryoneSong erfahren wir wie unser Herz schlägt, wir finden Gefallen an uns bisher unbekannter Musik.