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Sonny Johns

United Kingdom / Huddersfield

I've been making music all my life and it's what I really know. After leaving school at 16 to pursue a career as a musician I have been lucky enough to work as a producer, engineer, musician, performer, songwriter and even tour manager for over a decade with a host of amazingly talented people. I've owned a London recording studio and cut my teeth at Livingston Studios with great Jerry Boys and Nick Gold of World Circuit Records.

It was there I learned my specialism in producing music made by musicians playing instruments, capturing what they do and helping to realise their ideas. I've worked with almost every genre of music but my talents lie with folk, world music (whatever that really means) and jazz (whatever that really means too), which has taken me across the country and around the world, including to Cuba, Central America, Africa and Europe, and allowed me to achieve multiple Grammy, Mercury and MOBO nomiations for my work.

Being a musician, songwriter, engineer and producer makes me well positioned to understand each stage of the music making process, allowing me to get the most from the artistes I work with.

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