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SMARTCASE - feel free to let go.

SMARTCASE - feel free to let go.

A fashionable solution that prevents your valuable Smartphone being dropped and damaged when in use.

Offenbach Technology
Neil Wright
Neil Wright
127 €
12,000 € Funding threshold
19 days
 SMARTCASE - feel free to let go.


Funding period 10.09.2016 12:08 Uhr - 14.10.2016 23:59 Uhr
Realisation period Sept 2016
Funding threshold 12,000 €
Funding goal 15,000 €
City Offenbach
Category Technology
Hello supporters, friends and the curious! I cannot be the only person who has dropped and damaged their Smartphone, you too? Then please read on. I need your help in producing the Smartcase, a phonecase that in combination with a fashionable ring, prevents your phone being dropped and thus damaged during use. Excellent when playing games, texting, taking photos (including selfies) or reading an ebook.

What is this project all about?

Last year in Germany alone over 26.2 million Smartphones were sold.
Nearly half were then damaged within 3 months following purchase.
The main cause of damage sustained in over 43% of all cases was through the phone being dropped.

The Smartcase offers security when using your ever so valuable Smartphone.
The case has an integrated slit design, that allows it to be secured to a ring, the "Smartring". A ring worn as a normal piece of fashion jewellery, that is turned until the inlay holder is on the inside of your palm.
The Smartcase which holds your phone is then attached and secured to the ring.
Now the phone can be used for gaming, conversation, messaging, photography or reading. All this without the risk of being dropped or inadvertently knocked out of your hand.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The project goal is with your help, to secure the production of the Smartcases.

This entails the creation of 2 die cast forms, one for the Iphone 5/5s and a second for the Iphone 6/6s. The die cast forms are then used in the plastic injection mold process, which ultimately result in the production of the Smartcases.
The cases will be produced in a variety of colours and designs.
The Smartcase in combination with the Smartring will be available within the European marketplace.

The solution is for anyone using their smartphone, whether it be at a concert, a football match, a social event, taking photos chatting, texting or reading an e-book.

Why would you support this project?

Your Smartphone is often the most valuable accessory that you use on a daily basis and therefore susceptible to being damaged.
The Smartcase in combination with the Smartring delivers a long term comfortable solution in a fashionable and dynamically trendy format.

A GREAT IDEA that makes sticking pads with keyrings to the back of your phone or wearing restrictive black rubber rings on your finger obsolete.

The Smartcase matches the design and inlay colour of the Smartring. You will be able to choose from various colours and designs, matching your mood, the occasion or your dress sense.

With your support the product can be realised and taken to an international market. Be a part of making all of our lives that little bit easier, Thanks

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Once we reach the project goal one of the two companies that have made tenders will be contracted with the production of the die cast forms and Smartcases. This will deliver two Models in six colours.

For any individual Smartcase designs WTP (Water Transfer Printing) or Sublimation Printing suppliers will be contracted.

Any funds thereafter will be invested in social media and marketing activities.

The full extent of the Smartring Project is as follows.
- Company registration
- E-Com domain www.smartring.world has been secured.
- DPMA and IPO registration
- Sample Smartrings
-Company workshop
- Packaging solution

- E-Commerce platform development
- Smartring production

To do
-Company online presence

Who are the people behind the project?

Smartcase is the idea of a single person but not possible without the support of many.(including you)

Neil Wright/ Founder of the company Smartring
Marie Fischer - Translation/Realisation
Josephin Wright - Translation/ Photography
Giorgia M. - Photography/Media
Jakob M. - Webdesign
A. Tonojan - Ring design and manufacture

Legal notice
Neil Wright
Mittelseestr 27
63065 Offenbach am Main Germany

Steuernummer 04488261137

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