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"Starting a Revolution" ist ein Business-Buch für alle, die nach einer neuen Arbeitswelt streben. Wir interviewen einige der progressivsten Unternehmerinnen weltweit und laden Euch ein, durch unser Buch "Starting a Revolution" radikal andere Management-Ansätze und Erfahrungen kennenzulernen. Mit Eurer Unterstützung hat unser Buch das Potenzial, die Arbeitswelt auf den Kopf zu stellen.
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Gefördert von Crowdfunding Berlin
15.07.19, 12:54 Naomi Ryland
Dear friends and fellow revolutionaries, we wanted to send you a little update since we haven’t been in touch for a while. Over the last few weeks and months we have poured our hearts into the book and the good news is that we now have a draft which is currently being pummelled by some great constructive feedback. Whilst we are happy to have reached this stage, we have had to acknowledge that our goal to send the book out to you in July was a little ambitious. We both have businesses to run, and on top of that Lisa had a baby 3 months ago. And, well, businesses and babies can have a charming habit of being more demanding than one anticipated. So it will take a while longer before the book lands on your doorstep. But we hope that it will be worth the wait. We are beyond excited to be able to soon share our thoughts, ideas and dreams with all of you. Love, Naomi and Lisa
28.03.19, 20:47 Lisa Jaspers
Dear friends and revolutionaries, apologies for taking a few days to write this - since the campaign finished we have been doing a lot of writing, had a couple more interviews and done some work around getting the bags, t-shirts and pins ordered. We also both got sick (winter, be gone!)... so had some time to reflect! We would like to express a deep gratitude to all of you to whom we could not already personally thank for your support. We have sold over 500 books(!) and have been so moved by the thought of such a wide range of people - some of whom we know, some of whom we don’t (yet) - digging into their pockets and signing up to support this movement towards a more diverse way of working. We have been touched by the messages from those who have shared with us their stories of disfranchisement at the workplace in its current form, and by the encouragement from those who are looking forward to embracing some new leadership tools. In the process our own ideas around what the book should be have developed and concretised. We hope to deliver on our promise to create a hands on business book that presents a multitude of alternatives to doing business, which can stand strong alongside the current status quo, and provide a bouquet of options and inspirations from which to choose for your own leadership journey. Because (yes, this is an exclusive), one of the key common threads in all of the interviews that we have conducted has been the quiet power of the entrepreneurs to define their own path , not driven by an overdeveloped ego, but rather driven by a profound sense of individual purpose, their personal values and their authentic self. As well as a keen willingness to learn. We have loved every step of the journey so far and can’t wait to let you in on some of the rest of the stuff that we have learned. We will do our very best to stick to our deadline of July. In the meantime, we will keep you posted on how things proceed! All the best and with love, Naomi and Lisa
08.03.19, 21:02 Lisa Jaspers
Dearest friends, supporters and business revolutionaries, we just wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a happy International Women's Day (a public holiday in Berlin for the first time ever!) and say thank you so much for your support so far. We have managed to reach almost 12,000 EUR, which means that we can definitely print the book! And we are hopeful that we might reach 20,000 EUR before the end of the campaign, which would mean that we can have an even bigger impact. Today we joined thousands of Berliners at the demonstration for the International Women’s Day and we were so moved to see so many men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds coming together to push for a new age of equality and justice. Our book is an attempt to create more space for women in business and introduce more female perspectives into the current business system and discourse. It really feels like we are at a transformative time, where both men and women have a unique opportunity to work together to create not only a new business world but also a new society. And we are really grateful to you for making it possible for us to contribute in our own small way to this transformation. But, as those of you who have watched the video will know, our Starting a Revolution campaign is not only about getting financial support for our book but also about identifying more of the women out there who are revolutionising business. Do you know women who are challenging the status quo of what it means to do business and to do it well? Like Anna Yona, founder of Wildling Shoes, who was nominated by one of her employees last week. We had never heard of her before but she has been one of the most inspirational women we have spoken to so far… WHO ELSE SHOULD WE TALK TO? Tell us and we promise to reach out to all of them. If you know anybody else who might be interested to hear about the book, we would be really grateful if you would share the link with them. And we will be sure to keep you updated on our progress over the coming weeks. With love, Naomi & Lisa