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Startup Safary Berlin - The first Open Doors day for startupsClarissa Steinhöfel

Startup Safary Berlin - The first Open Doors day for startups

We are organizing Europe's largest independent startup event taking place in Berlin on the 6th of September. We are crowdfunding this project because we want to make sure everyone can participate. For one that means, tickets will only cost 10€. Secondly, we also want really early stage startups to have a chance to host an event. Support Startup Safary Berlin.

Category: Event
City: Berlin
Tags: startup, berlin, event
Funding period: 05/06/2013, 09:09 AM to 07/06/2013, 11:59 PM    

What is this project all about?

Startup Safary Berlin will be similar to a day of open doors. Startups will open their doors for thousands of participants and organize hundreds of events on a single day from 8AM till midnight.

We are crowdfunding this project because we want to make sure everyone can participate. Tickets will only cost 10€ as we want really early stage startups to host an event. This is why we are also not charging companies for their participation.

- Companies organise different types of events at their offices and list them on Startup Safary’s website. These may be all sorts of events, e.g. office tours, workshops, Q&A’s, meetups or just parties. It’s up to them. They decide what time they take place and how many people can participate.
- The events will be listed on the map and put into categories. This will allow attendees to browse through these hundreds of events and create their personal schedules based on their interests and convenience.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

- This project is for everyone interested in the startup scene. It’s a great way to get inspiration from successful startups and their founders and top executives and meet them in person.
- We want you to have the chance to find out about the people behind the products you are using everyday.
- We want you to explore the Berlin scene, take part in unique events and discover startups soon to be the next big thing.

Why would you support this project?

There are five great reasons why we need your support for this project:

- To help us to facilitate knowledge exchange and networking throughout the startup scene.
- To open up this vibrant scene, allowing people access to the companies and people behind the products they use everyday.
- To help us spread startup and entrepreneurial spirit all over Europe.
- To help drive Berlin’s status forward as Europe's silicon valley.
- To further expose the Berlin startup scene to both the world and people from Berlin that have not heard about it yet.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Website: 5.000 €. We are going to build a website for the event that will contain a great and informative scheduling system. It will allow for fantastic social integration that will allow you to find out which events your friends are attending. Also there will be trending and featured events.

Marketing: 5.000 €. We are going to make sure everyone knows what’s going on in Berlin in September. We want to target not only people affiliated with the industry, but also people who are interested in getting to know what companies in Berlin have to offer.

Growing The Team: 10.000 €. We will need some more people to help us take care of the attendees as well as the companies that will host events. We’ll work together to build the best event possible for everyone involved. Become an ambassador for Startup Safary: www.startupsafary.com/ambassador

Mobile App: 2.000 €. We will be building an app for the event which will allow you to check your schedule for the day and plan which company is next on your personal schedule.

Operations: 3.000 €. In order to make this happen we have to travel, we have to build relationships and we have to make calls. This part of the money is needed to cover the logistics involved in organizing an event of this scale.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are a small, but extremely motivated team of 5. We all come from different places, but we live in Berlin and are passionate about the startup scene here.

- Maciek Laskus is an experienced entrepreneur who has run all sorts of businesses, ranging from distributing chocolate to building an Augmented Reality engine.
- Clarissa Steinhöfel is an outstanding multi-linguist (6 languages so far) and co-founded an educational NGO before Startup Safary.
- Lorenzo Musiu is a true artist, filmmaker and coffee connoisseur hailing from Milan, Italy.
- Dora Osinde has recently escaped to Berlin in order to be ‘#killingit’ with all our social media.
- Ejiro Oviri drove all the way from London to be in Berlin and rules over all our key projects like a boss.

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