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I am Suzy Bartelt, singer and songwriter from Berlin. With your help I want to release my second album “Constantly Changing”. For two years, my songs grew and I grew along with them. It was an exciting process which I enjoyed immensely. The album features not only a supporting band but also great special guests. It is a fusion of rock, pop and jazz with folkloristic influences – stories about change and hope. The new name says it all: Suzy moves, Suzy grows, Suzy Va.
3,214 €
6,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
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Funding period 12/09/2018 09:54 o'clock - 17/10/2018 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period Release: early 2019
Funding goal reached 3,000 €
If the first funding goal is reached, the recording costs including the musicians, mixing & mastering will be covered!
2nd Funding goal 6,000 €
If the second funding goal is reached, CD duplication, a music video and a website can be realised!
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What is this project all about?

The past two years have been very eventful, I was inspired to write songs about the changes in my life and how I came to accept them. “Constantly Changing” features nine of these songs.

My music has gone through changes as well. I have drawn inspiration from rock (a teenage-dream of mine: singing in a rock band!) and my love of harmonised vocals.

The recording process was spread over a longer period of time than any of my past work. With plenty of time in between recording sessions, the songs were given time to breathe. Lots of time in the studio allowed for experimentation with arrangements, sounds and mixing. The result is an album that doesn’t try to reproduce a live experience. It is an original, wide-ranging sound experience. Every time you listen you will discover something new.

Intensifying this variety, there are many guest musicians who contributed to the album. From oud to backing vocals, saxophone and violin, from trombone to framedrum, these fantastic musicians enriched the album with their musicality and ideas.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

In addition to the digital release of the album “Constantly Changing”, there should also be a CD-release, since it remains extraordinarily satisfying to hold a product with beautiful artwork in your hands. We plan to release the
album in early 2019.

To be able to visualise the music, it would be wonderful to shoot a music video as well.

This music is for you, if...

  • you know me and how much lifeblood myself and everybody involved put into this production
  • you like my music
  • you love songs that snag your attention and refuse to let you go
  • you appreciate well-recorded music that is a fully immersive experience

Why would you support this project?

  • So our music can reach your ears as listener and hopefully will be added to your playlist.
  • We are happy about each and every music fan who wants to help realise this project.
  • Crowdfunding is a way to support artists and their music directly.
  • It's worth it. The album will be awesome! And there are great rewards :).

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

A lot of creative and capable minds are part of this production. We want to get these people paid reasonably for their invested time and remarkable work.

If we reach the 1st funding goal we can pay:

  • recording costs & musicians
  • mixing & mastering
  • artwork

If we reach the 2nd funding goal we have even more possibilities, so the music will not only be audible but also visible:

  • CD-duplication
  • music video
  • website

If we don't reach the total funding amount, startnext will refund your money and won't even charge your account (depending on your payment method of choice). So there's no risk of losing any money.

Who are the people behind the project?

Suzy Va are:
Suzy, Matt and Ralph with guests.

Suzy writes the lyrics, the music and the arrangements. Matt Baldwin on the guitar is her long-standing musical partner. He plays a key role in shaping the songs. Ralph Grässler is sound artist in the Mission Control Studio and plays bass on the album.

Guest musicians on the album:

violin: Eva Cottin
saxophone: Oleg Hollmann
oud: Sungjun Ko
clarinet: Adrien Braud
trombone: Anne Dau
framedrum: Tom Dayan
drums: Jonathan Reiter, Tristan Henderson
backingvocals: Lydia Schulz



photos: Dominik Wagner
video edits: Anne Luft
visuals: Stefan Schäfer
camera: Florian Baumgarten, Tal Peled

and: Daniel McLaine, Johannes Hanekamp, Leo Binas, Susanne Müller, Charlotte Rackwitz, Erin McLaine, Hazel Leach

13.9. Greve-Studio (Berlin-Zehlendorf)
22.9. Unpluggedival (Berlin-Pankow)
22.10. Oranienwerk (Oranienburg)

Project updates


Please welcome somebody new to the Suzy Va-Team:
Visual artist Alexandra Arshanskaya will work for the artwork of the albumbooklet! I am very happy that she will be part of our whole production. Be curious! And check out her website:

Legal notice
Susanne Bartelt
Susanne Bartelt
Steegerstraße, 66
13359 Berlin Deutschland

Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer: DE307668582


"Our ears at your service."

Visual Concepts.
Art Direction.
Screen & Motiondesign.

Kultur- und Kreativstandort in Oranienburg.
Hier ist Raum für deine Ideen.

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