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Finanzierungszeitraum 15.05.16 23:59 Uhr
Realisierungszeitraum 16.04.-30.04.2016
Fundingziel 800 €
Stadt Dresden
Kategorie Literatur

Worum geht es in dem Projekt?

From 16.-30.April 2016 I will be in Greece to do a project for refugees: TELL YOUR TRUTH.
Insofar I´m doing research about their situation since months and started with writing workshops "Tell you Truth" with refugees and citizens already end of 2015 in Dresden, to offer them space to write autobiografical texts and also to get exchange with others, I wish now to enlarge the project and go to places where people are stopped in front of the borders.
Here now in Idomeni I call for an experiment: what happens, if we write together about our journey: how it is to be stopped at a border and wait for travelling, while other people come from every-where and help, how is it to have lost everything, what does one refugee want to tell to other people who live "normal" life, what can writing together mean there, where they have even not enough to live, where nowadays teargas is thrown already and military jets are flying over the field of Idomeni camp, over the heads of people, children and adults, who experiences war since some years?
Can culture make a difference? Can writing help? Can talking deliver?
Together with one translator and one filmmaker I will meet in Thessaloniki. Then we´ll go to Idomeni and be there about six times till end of April. Probably at the gas station, where some cultural projects offered by volunteers to refugees already are happening, or near the tea-tent, where the Dresden-Balkan-Konvoi I am connected with is settled down, and at Cultural Center Idomeni, I will offer writing workshops under the open sky/in some room or under a roof.
Each participants shall get one notice book and pen and we will do some Creative Writing exercises and then go into the autobiografical writing in little steps, we will do meditation, movement, maybe dance, talking, drawing beside writing to experience our thoughts and then let them go and write, we will at some point come into therapeutical writing maybe, what we will follow as we wish.

Was sind die Ziele und wer ist die Zielgruppe?

Some camps prepared for refugees in Europe start to be empty now, there are not as much refugees coming now to Germany any more. Not so in Greece, because Macedonia has closed its border to Greece and with it the so called Balkan route through which leaded people before to middle of Europe where they found shelter.
In Idomeni camp a lot of people stay hoping that the border will open. Which moment of their flight is it? What might the single one of them think? How long will their patience last?
Some are demonstrating and some are supporting them with the political opinion that the border should open. Some people, exspecially women and children, have also left the camp in the last time because of bad circumstances. Greek government offers slowly other prepared official camps, where people can register, if they are not yet, and apply asylum.
A lot of them who stay in Idomeni, would probably have a change to get asylum, but the process would go slowly. Can they still believe that they are treaten well and can stay or even go further? Do they feel more free directly at the border with the imagination it might open?
At the other side of Greece people who made to arriv Greece are transported back already to Turkey, because of the agreement beetween Europe and Turkey. Also there protests against the inhuman treatment are happen.
The goal of the project is not to offer writing workshops to the most people as possible, but to give people a space to come there and to spend time and express theirselves. Maybe that can help them to handle with their situation; it might avoid fights spreading out – this is the basic idea. That writing is a peaceful tool to express and talking is a helpful way to understand. Also volunteers who are working often a lot and go also through hard experiences can take part.
We create a space of shelter and free speech/writing – that is what we can give to each other independent and for free.

Warum sollte jemand dieses Projekt unterstützen?

Culture and speech are the way to peace and that is why this project is worth to be supported.

Was passiert mit dem Geld bei erfolgreicher Finanzierung?

Einschätzung für 1 Checkout für Locations und
5 Workshops je 2 Stunden, 10 Teilnehmer

Position 1
Busdrive and flight - Dresden-Berlin-Thessaloniki
Bus und Flug - Dresden-Berlin-Thessaloniki: 150,00 €
-From Dresden to Berlin with bus and from Berlin to Thessaloniki by airplane, also in Thessaloniki by bus to appartment. Some extra busdrives inside Thessaloniki to meet partners for the project.
~Von Dresden nach Berlin mit dem Bus und von Berlin nach Thessaloniki mit dem Flugzeug, beides zurück, macht benannte Summe.

Position 2
Accomondation Thessaloniki, 14 nights
Unterkunft Thessaloniki, 14 Nächte: 300,00 €
-I have an accommondation in Thessaloniki, in order to write and do notices here and to meet my colleagues and partners for the project - filmmaker, translator and fotografer - and from here we´ll go a few times to Idomeni by car.
~Ich habe für 14 Nächte ein Zimmer in Thessaloniki gemietet, um dort zu schreiben, Notizen zu machen und Kollegen und Partner für das Projekt zu treffen - Übersetzer, Fotograf und Filmemacher - und von hier aus fahren wir einige Male nach Idomeni.

Position 3
Drives with car/carsharing beetween Thessaloniki and
and Drives inside Thessaloniki with bus
5x2 Autofahrten/Autofahrtteilen zwischen Thessaloniki
und Idomeni
und Fahrten innerhalb Thessalonikis mit dem Bus:
60,00 €
-Driving with the car from Thessaloniki to Idomeni and back in the days from 19.04. to 29.04. five times.
~ Fünf Mal fahren wir/fahre ich zumeist mit dem Auto nach Idomeni und zurück in der Zeit vom 19.-29.04.2016.

Position 4
Paper per 500 pages
2x Papier á 500 Blatt: 10,00 €
-For writing and drawing during the writing workshops we need a lot of paper, exspecially at the beginning, before we use each one her/his own notice-books. Paper has format DINA4.
~Für das Schreiben und auch Zeichnen während des Workshops brauchen wir viel Papier, besonders am Anfang, wenn wir noch ohne jeweils eigene Notizbücher arbeiten. Das Papier hat A4-Format.

Position 5
50 Writing pens
50 Tintenroller - Schreibstifte: 80,00 €
-Each participant gets an own writing pen, she/he should keep for the next writing workshop and can use it also after the project in order to go on with writing.
~Jeder Teilnehmer bekommt einen eigenen Stift zum Schreiben, den sie/er für den nächsten Workshop und auch später behält, um weiter schreiben zu können.
Position 6
50 Notice books
50 Notizbücher: 150,00 €
-Each participant gets an own simple notice book to use it while the days of the workshop and also after to go on with writing.
~Jeder Teilnehmer bekommt im Verlauf des Workshops ein eigenes Notizbuch, das er behalten kann, um weiterhin zu schreiben.

Position 7
Set of different pencils to draw
Malstifte, Sets (Bundstifte, Pastellkreiden, Ölkreiden):
25,00 €
-Some pencils to draw beside writing are necessary to open creativity. That is why we need also some drawing pens, to remember and color and imagine pictures of our life.
~Ein paar Sets Malstifte helfen neben dem Schreiben die Kreativität mittels des Zeichnens anzuregen. Deshalb brauchen wir auch Malstifte, um uns zu erinnern, zu phantasieren und die Farben unseres Lebens zu malen.

Position 8
Costs for phoning for the project:
Telefonkosten für das Projekt: 25 €

GESAMT: 800,00 €

Wer steht hinter dem Projekt?

Sarah Rehm
is a poet, writer and cultural journalist.

She studied Creative Writing and Cultural Journalism and writes since she has been seven years old. She also played theatre, worked at theatre as directing assistant and she writes poems, essays, prose, drama. She is travelling a lot, exspecially has been travelling beetween 2004-2014 in former Yugoslavia and writes on a novel "Shivers in Thoughts" about the history of Europe, IIWW, war in fallen Yugoslavia and the present so called refugee crises. In her writing she focuses the single human being and his story and faith. So she has heard during her travel lot of stories about war, flight, fear, pain, and also hope, help, big love.
She is a writing therapist and founded the writing workshops "Strong Quills". Since 2011 she writes with people of all ages in workshops for creative, literary, (auto-)biografical and dramatical, poetical, surreal and therapeutical writing etc. When more and more refugees arrived in Germany 2015, the idea of TELL YOUR TRUTH met her and since then she already leaded some workshops for writing for people with and without migration background in Dresden and elsewhere. Now it begins in Idomeni.
More about Sarah Rehm online:

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