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Die Tendenzen in mir

Die Tendenzen in mir

On top of the world, in the depths of despair. A shortfilm about Generation Y's search for meaning, fullfilment, authenticity and true happiness.

Hamburg Movie / Video
Delia Gyger
Alexander Resch
Anna Marosi
810 €
4,000 € Funding goal
9 days
 Die Tendenzen in mir


Funding period 05.09.2016 16:01 Uhr - 09.10.2016 23:59 Uhr
Realisation period October - December 2016
Funding goal 4,000 €
City Hamburg
Category Movie / Video
TENDENCIES is a short film – fearless, honest and blunt, poetic and dreamy, dirty and real – about the clueless, determined, lost and bold seekers that are „Generation Y“. Witten & directed by: Delia Gyger With: Johan L. Heinstedt, Christian R. Meyer, Christopher Fliether, Christina Richter

What is this project all about?

On top of the world, in the depths of despair. In our shortfilm "Tendencies", a young woman loses herself in the search for meaning, fullfilment, authenticity and true happiness. A search that defines her entire generation.

„Generation Y“, the scrutinizers, are said to be well-educated, optimistic, flexible, socially skilled and have more opportunities than any other generation before. Often though, they are also traited as narcisistic, unable to commit and unhappy. Those born between 1980 and 1999 are a generation that seems like they could have it all but finds it harder than ever to actually find what they are looking for. Fulfilment and inner bliss seem to elude them, even though the search for them dominates their lives.

Born and raised in a time of financial and economical crisis, devastating youth unemployment and global wars, the so-called „Millenials“ have learned to live in uncertainty, make the best of everything and always keep as many options open as possible. Meanwhile, old norms and rules are critically questioned and completely redefined when needed. This not only bears the potential for fulfilment and self-realisation but also the danger of getting lost and being overstretched.

While striving for self-fulfilment and purpose with a constant demand for self-optimization, in a time where self-worth is defined by Facebook and desirability by the amount of Tinder matches, we risk losing ourselves for fear of our own insignificance. And when over-challenged by the own self already, mustering the courage or ability to get truly involved with another human being seems to get lost along the way. Meanwhile, the „Better, higher, further!“-mindset doesn't really seem to tolerate making mistakes or even failing. So we'd rather not make a choice or commit to something, than risk making a wrong decision.

What we are then often left with is the very feeling of emptiness we have tried so eagerly to avoid in the first place. Thus once again, the search for that blissful, soul-filling happiness continues.

„Tendencies“ wants to reflect on where the key to finding it might be.

The film grants a glimpse into the life of a twenty-something drifting between exuberant lust for life and paralysing melancholy, between boundless opportunities and limiting overload, between proud self-realisation and demoralising insecurity, between the longing for challenge and the temptation of giving up, between untamed hunger for life and depleted resignation. And also, it's about love.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to turn the story of „Tendencies“ into a 15 min. short film to be screened at national and international film festivals and to be picked up by distributors. Eventually, we will also publish it on all the established online streaming channels.

„Tendencies“ needs only little dialogue and will mostly be told through powerful, expressive cinematography and the truthful, authentic performances of the actors. We will shoot with high-end equipment and work with a team of experienced professionals.

Even though „Tendencies“ portrays mostly the generation of those ranging from ages 20 to 40, it is certainly also a film for everyone else. For all who have already cursed this crazy roller coaster ride we call life, only to embrace it once more happily and fully soon thereafter. Those who have hit the ground with full force only to bounce back up again and continue with even more determination. And most of all, it is a film for everyone who, amidst all the turmoil and chaos, is unshakeably looking for whatever makes them truly happy.

Why would you support this project?

To tell a story that moves and engages an audience in a short amount of time is a very unique and fascinating challenge, one which everyone involved in this project passionately loves to take on again and again. With every investment, big or small, you will become an essential part of this film and help us create something special and exciting.

With even the smallest financial contribution, you will gain exclusive access to the LABYRINTH, which is our interactive production journal, where you will be able to follow us through the pre-production all the way into shooting and the post-production, while getting to know the team, receiving plenty of interesting background information about the story and its development and always being the first to receive updates. The closer we get to our funding goal of 4.000€, the deeper you will enter the labyrinth and the more you will be able to discover. And those of you supporting us with 40€ and more will, in addition, gain access to the LABYRINTH-CORE. There you will find contests and interactive events to participate in, access extensive making-of videos and be given the chance to actively engage with the action in the film and even appear in it yourself!

„Tendencies“ is a professional short film production that aims to compete on a national and international level at film festivals. We are naturally working with an experienced team of skilled professionals who have been working hard for their know-how. So it goes without saying that these people should get paid for their work, even though this is „only“ a short film. After all, „short“ merely refers to the length of the film rather than the quality of the film or the work that is being put into it.

So in order to raise a sufficient amount to meet our budget, we now need your support! With your help, you will not only contribute to creating a brave, unconventional and high-quality film, but also actively make a statement against letting professionals work for free in independent film.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The money will go straight into the budget for the production and post-production. It will also support our applications for film funding.

Costs that are incurred during such a project are, for example, the fees for cast and crew members, rental and insurance for additional equipment, catering, gas, electricity, rent for some locations and so on. And after a successful production, a film obviously also needs to be edited and then completed with a suitable sound design, film score and colour grading.

With your contribution you will very actively help us make this film a reality, without letting the cast and crew work for free, as it is – unfortunately – way too often the case.

Any additional funds remaining after the film is finished will be used to pay for application fees for film festivals.

Who are the people behind the project?

This film is the brainchild of Delia Gyger and Anna Marosi, and they are joined by Alexander Resch in running this crowdfunding campaign. All three are filmmakers from Hamburg with a burning passion for exceptional stories.

The script was written by Delia, who will also be directing the film. Her most recent short film "Socius" has received funding by the Film Workshop Kiel of the federal Film Foundation of Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and will kick off its festival tour in the Autumn of 2016. With her production company Springchild Productions, she also produces moving images for the music industry and commercials. „Tendencies“ will be her fourth shortfilm.

Alex is a cinematographer and director. With his company showreelhamburg he has created, among others, the successful web-series „Walking Ted“ as well as his latest short film "Der rote Punkt", most recently screened at the Munich Film Festival and a finalist for this year's renowned Shocking Shorts Award.

Anna is a trained actress and has been working on stage and screen both nationally and internationally. She is also an amazing and experienced 1st Assistant Director.

The three have successfully tackled many projects together in the past and are a well-rehearsed team.

Of course, they are joined by several other talented and wonderful people, some of whom you have already met in our pitch video. During and after the course of this crowdfunding campaign, you will get to know each of them more closely and learn about their work. So join the action and become a part of this project! We are excited to have you on board!

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