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Projekte / Movie / Video
THE GENITAL WARRIORS, post-production
THE GENITAL WARRIORS is an 85-minute episodic ensemble and art-house film. We're now in the post-production and want to be ready for the Berlin Int. Film Festival in Feb. 2012. Please help us reach our goal after so many years of hard work!
14,050 €
10,001 € Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 24/10/2011 02:17 o'clock - 10/01/2012 23:59 o'clock
Funding goal 10,001 €
City Hamburg
Category Movie / Video

What is this project all about?

The 85-minute dark comedy and ensemble film "The Genital Warriors" unites the fragmented perspectives of its protagonists in the past and in the present.

The 70-year-old philanderer, Frank, whos stuck in a psychiatric ward, writes a screenplay about the loves of his life, Lena (69) and Barbara (68), whom he lost long ago and intends to win back.

The two elderly women meet by chance on a park bench high above the Elbe River. While telling each other their life stories, they find out that they were romantically involved with the same two men, Frank and Victor, and were betrayed by both. They decide to take revenge on them by traveling to the past with a phallic African magic wand.

On their multi-dimensional travels, Lena and Barbara repeatedly encounter their ex-boyfriends in different bodies and fight for the correct version of their common history. From an old pink cadillac and in an old Beatles venue, they assasinate Franks, Viktors and other male characters, but are unable to exterminate all of them because Frank is back working on his screenplay and resurrecting their doppelgangers.

But not only are Lena and Barbara part of his life story. To his dismay, Frank discovers that his psychiatrist, Dr. Reimenschneider, has always stood between him and the two women. Reality and film fantasy become increasingly intertwined.

Written and directed by Matthew O. L. Way. Camera: Dominik Friebel. Production: Way Film Production. Cast: Barbara Nüsse, Ursula Monn, Marlen Diekhoff, Tatja Seibt, Peter Franke, Lou Castel, Rudolf Waldemar Brem, Yuri Englert, Philipp Hochmair, Theresa Berlage, Eva Lobau, Sarah Masuch, Suzana Rozkosny, Sascha Schäfke, Iris Minich, and many more. Format: Digital Cinema (4K), super 16mm, 16mm (black / white), 8mm, DV

Crew: Assistant Director: Jan Renner. Production Managers: Meike Brockmann, Lisa M. Böttcher, Tjorven Ruhnke. Unit Managers: Robin Tae Soo Ertel, Manuel Freundt. Costume Designer: Sarah-Christine Reuleke. Makeup Artist: Janine Schoch. Art Directors: Francis Frank, Antonia Puscas, Alexander Hoepfner. Set Decorators: Florian Albertsen, Susanne Bartsch, Andrea Polewka. Production Sound Mixer: Max Kober. Editor: Bastian Jentschke. Script Consultant: Steve Lem. Sound Designers: Tobias Peper, Clemens Endres. Co-Producer: Tom Lucky. Creative Producer: Ursela Monn. And many more...

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

My goal has always been to make high-quality and entertaining films that are also personal and reveal my vision of the world. My second film, THE 3RD RAIL, should also fill these criteria; Itll be a story about my youth and have racism as its theme. But first we have to finish THE GENITAL WARRIORS! Our next objective is to finish the post-production and present the film at the Berlin International Film Festival, which will take place in February, 2012.

Why would you support this project?

- Because so many friends and supporters of mine, including the actors and team members, have shown such incredible energy and stamina over the seven-year period of production that I financed by borrowing money and investing 100,000 euros.

- Because we currently need money to complete the film and apply for a slot at the Berlin International Film Festival in February, 2012.

- Because the post-production will be very important in determining the films final quality in terms of pictures and sound.

- And because by supporting this project, youll be contributing to the completion of a well-shot, modern and entertaining independent film.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The money will be used for the post-production: film scans, sound design and mix, color correction, special effects, orchestral music, etc.

Who are the people behind the project?

- Me, Matthew Way: producer, writer and director who came to Hamburg ten years ago on a Fulbright Scholarship

- All of the actors, some of them very well known, who deferred their wages

- All of the team members who invested so much time and energy although they werent paid

- Various moneylenders, people from the film industry, sponsors, etc.

- Dominik Friebel, the very talented cameraman and creative producer who has stuck with me from the very beginning

Project updates


World Release on December 8, 2015, the 35th anniversary of John Lennon’s death, in 100+ countries and 19 languages. The film will be sold on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Vudu, as well as DVDs and Blu-Rays.
New York City Cinematic Run from Dec. 18-24 – Tickets now available here: http://www.cinemavillage.com/chc/cv/show_movie.asp?movieid=3545!


The Genital Warriors IS FINISHED!!! (Deutsch unten) Dear Supporters and Fans of THE GENITAL WARRIORS, It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. The process of no-budget filmmaking is long, but we’re happy to share the following news with you: WE’RE FINISHED! - Cameraman and coproducer Dominik Friebel completed our complicated so-called “online edit” including framing alterations and zooms. - The very talented Ronney Afortu, Optical Art in Hamburg, finished our color correction. - The visual effects, including the complex beginning and end credits and animation, were finished by Tim Liebe, Emanuel Geisser, Bastian Jentschke and others. - In order to optimize the sound, 19 actors in total were partially dubbed, including Ursela Monn, Tatja Seibt, Barbara Nüsse, Marlen Diekhoff, Pheline Roggan und Eva Löbau. - Tobias Peper finished our comprehensive sound design and Holger Lehmann, Rotor Film, our Dolby 5.1 mix in Potsdam-Babelsberg, former East Germany (see picture). - Jan Tilman Schade provided spectacular interpretations of classical music and composed and arranged the original film score, with which we’re extremely pleased. - We're now beginning to look at possible film festivals where we could celebrate our world premiere (hopefully with you!). We’re also working on the subtitles and DCP, BluRay and DVD production. We’re getting our merchandising off of the ground, too, which brings us to you. - For those of you who chose to receive gifts in the form of thank-you postcards, T-shirts, production stills or invitations to the premiere: You’ll be receiving these items after we’ve applied to and have been accepted by a film festival at some point in 2014. We’ll be in touch about this. - For those of you who chose to receive DVDs, BluRays or soundtracks, these won’t be sent out until the film has had a possible cinematic distribution and the DVDs and soundtrack are officially released, which could take approximately a year. But we won’t forget you! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us: info@wayfilm.de If you use Facebook, become a fan at https://www.facebook.com/GenitalWarriors If you no longer want to receive updates, please go to the bottom of our project page (startnext.de/en/wayfilm) and click on "I don’t like it anymore". Best regards and thanks to everyone for your patience! Happy holidays to everyone! Matthew Way -- Liebe SupporterInnen und Fans von DIE GESCHLECHTSKRIEGERINNEN, es ist eine Weile her, seitdem ihr und Sie von uns gehört haben. Der Prozess des No-Budget-Filmemachens ist lang, aber wir freuen uns folgendes mitteilen zu können: DER FILM IST FERTIG! - Unserer komplizierter „online-Schnitt“, inklusive neuer Framings und Zooms, ist dank Dominik Friebel abgeschlossen. - Der sehr talentierte Ronney Afortu von Optical Art in Hamburg vollendete unsere schöne Farbkorrektur. - Die visuellen Effekte einschließlich des komplexen Vospanns, Abspanns und Animation sind dank Tim Liebe, Emanuel Geisser, Bastian Jentschke und weiteren sehr schön worden. - Um den Ton zu optimieren sind insgesamt 19 SchauspielerInnen teilweise nachsynchronisiert worden, inklusive zuletzt Ursela Monn, Tatja Seibt, Barbara Nüsse, Marlen Diekhoff, Pheline Roggan und Eva Löbau. - Tobias Peper vollendete unseren umfassenden Sound-Design und Holger Lehmann von Rotor-Film (siehe Foto), die ihren Sitz in den alten DEFA-Studios in Potsdam-Babelsberg haben, vollendete die Dolby 5.1 Kinomischung. - Jan Tilman Schade hat vorkomponierte Musik-Stücke hervorragend interpretiert und komponierte auch unseren tollen Original Filmscore. - Wir beginnen jetzt damit, Filmfestivals zu recherchieren, wo wir möglicherweise unsere Welpremiere (hoffentlich mit Euch und Ihnen!) feiern könnten. Wir arbeiten auch an den Untertiteln, der DCP, Blu-Ray-und DVD-Produktion. Unser Merchandising haben wir auch ins Auge gefasst. - Diejenigen, die Geschenke in Form von thank-you postcards, T-shirts, production stills (Fotos der Produktion) oder Einladungen zur Premiere gewählt haben, werden diese empfangen, nachdem der Film seine Premiere gefeiert hat (was frühestens im Sommer 2014 zu erwarten ist). - Diejenigen, die DVDs, BluRays oder Soundtracks gewählt haben, bekommen diese erst nachdem der Film in Kinos (noch haben wir keinen Verleih) oder auch auf DVDs und BluRays offiziell vertrieben worden ist. Das könnte ein Jahr dauern, aber wir vergessen es nicht! Bei Fragen, Kommentaren oder Vorschlägen kontaktieren Sie uns gerne: info@wayfilm.de Falls Sie bei Facebook sind, werden Sie Fan bei https://www.facebook.com/GenitalWarriors Falls Sie keine Nachrichten mehr erhalten möchten, gehen Sie unten auf unsere Projekt-Seite (startnext.de/wayfilm) und klicken Sie auf "Gefällt mir nicht mehr". Ich verbleibe mit besten Grüßen und vielen Dank an alle für die Geduld! Eine schöne Weihnachstzeit wünscht Matthew Way

Legal notice
Way Film Production, e.K.
Matthew Way
Hein-Hoyer-Str. 20b
20359 Hamburg Deutschland

Umsatzsteuer-Ident-Nr. DE243312791
Finanzamt Hamburg-Hansa

Handelsregisternummer: 105463

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