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alma is the sneaker store running women and kids sizes, that also offers sports and free time activities for the community.

Köln Fashion
Saskia Willich
anke lönne
anke lönne
1,745 €
15,000 € Funding goal
20 hours


Funding period 26.08.2016 14:10 Uhr - 30.09.2016 23:59 Uhr
Realisation period 06. Oktober 2016
Funding goal 15,000 €
City Köln
Category Fashion
alma is the sneaker store running women and kids sizes. What's the difference between us and the others? We will establish the first female Sneaker-Community. We give sneaker junkies and like minded the chance to connect online, to meet and to exchange. With a huge community offer we want to live the sneaker lifestyle with you. Furthermore we would like to keep you fit with sports and nutrition courses and offer you an individual service customized to your needs.

What is this project all about?

Sneakers belong to our daily outfit, like jeans, or handbags. They became a lifestyle object, a “must have”. But the sneaker world is still dominated by men. That is the reason why the rare, limited shoes are often only to get in big sizes. Women like us, who are sneaker-addicted and keen on those shoes, have a problem. We have to fall back on stores in foreign countries, or to pay expensive shipping costs.

Now it is enough!! We know so many women like us, we take the challenge, we give alma to the world! A sneaker store for women and kids. Furthermore we will establish a community for the like minded. We will connect, chat, spread gossip and live our passion. We will inform you with our frequent YouTube show about the hottest trends and entertain you with exciting guests. We also plan: sport activities, nutrition cources, concerts and live events for you.

Beside our online shop we are going to open our first store in Cologne, in Palmstrasse.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We would like to establish alma as a strong brand and open further stores soon in other cities. We plan spots in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But first of all we need to finance our first sneaker order.

Target group: of course you! And all modern women! For us "modern" is ageless. Sneakers are worn by women of every age. They mostly live in an urban environment, they are open minded, they like to travel and they are interested in fashion, culture, friends and family. Furthermore they are very active.

Of course we also like to welcome men, who want to buy beautiful sneakers for their wives, kids and friends. We will welcome everybody, who loves sneakers with open arms.

Why would you support this project?

alma is our project of the heart, our dream! And therefore we need your help! Please support us, because we want to establish something, that doesn´t exist in Germany yet. And if you love sneaker you understand, why the world needs alma.

We would like to offer the limited sneaker to women as well and would like to establish a space, were you are always welcome and find, what you are looking for.

To support us is really easy, because everybody wants and needs sneaker. We are sure. If you buy a voucher you can redeem it anytime you want from the 06th of October on, online or in our shop at Palmstrasse, Köln. We will do everything to give birth to this sneaker platform, but without you it won´t be possible.


How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With the first money we want to pay a part of our first sneaker order. With further money we want to design the store and activate the marketing. Every cent helps us, to realize our close to heart project.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are Saskia and Anke: Sneaker junkies, friends, business partners, ladies.

Saskia worked in the music business before. The last years she has been a marketing and projekt manager for big companies as Telekom, Warsteiner, Media-Saturn. With her part time studies at University of Arts "Leadership in Digital Communication" she opened her mind for new targets, for alma.

Anke has been working in moderator and celebrity management for several years now. Therefore she has a big network in media, PR and VIPs. In her free time she is a passionate runner and loves to bake tasty cakes.

Legal notice
we are alma GmbH
Saskia Willich
Rethelstrasse 2
12435 Berlin Deutschland

vertretungsberechtigte Person: Anke Lönne

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