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The socks that rock diversity!

The socks that rock diversity!

Are you celebrating diversity? Let's make that visible! Change your mood and the mood of those around you! Show them how fun diversity is!

Vienna Social Business
Younited Cultures
Younited Cultures
431 €
7,000 € Funding goal
25 days
 The socks that rock diversity!


Funding period 21.09.2016 12:32 Uhr - 22.10.2016 23:59 Uhr
Realisation period November 2016
Funding goal 7,000 €
City Vienna
Category Social Business
Can socks be more than just socks? Our goal: The world’s first sustainable socks celebrating cultural diversity! We have created a symbol for cultural diversity, one that will be diversified across the globe. The socks which rock diversity are the best you've ever had: 1. A good cause: promote the positive image of im/migrants. The squares symbolize the uniqueness of cultures coming in unity. 2. Sustainable production 3. Making the beauty and value-add of cultural diversity visible

What is this project all about?

Aren’t you tired of reading only about bad press surrounding im/migrants? Don’t you long for a better awareness of your own nationality? We promote the positive image of migrants by telling their success stories and transforming them into beautiful, sustainable, and fair produced accessories that you can wear into society. Literally!

Re-branding migration!

It's time to re-brand the whole story around im/migrants. We're not just talking refugees but in general, people with a migrant background; Those of us who contribute to the society and economy with our skills and talents. We want to bring more light towards this side of migration, one little promoted or even made visible.
We don't steal jobs, and we don't want to be rock stars! Unless one of us is really, really good in singing. ☺.But seriously, we just want to be seen from the good side as well.
And in come the socks. We designed them to make it simple for everybody to wear the symbol of migration. You can promote the positive side of migration by just wearing this colorful pattern. But we can only make it as a symbol, if the entire community helps out to bring awareness towards it.

Our goal is to create awareness towards the symbol of cultural diversity by using trendy accessories. Through that, we aim to make the positive image of im/migrants visible. At the same time, we aim to create a support system in which young im/migrants get empowerment and mentoring to make a career for themselves.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to finance the production of the first round of the diversity socks.

If you are reading this, then you are the right person. If you find yourself to be one of the below, you are a supporter of our vision, to bring the positive image of migration to surface.
- you appreciate the effects of cultural diversity
- you come from a culturally-diverse family
- you enjoy travelling and meeting new cultures
- you like karaoke. Yep, if you like it, you must be pro-cultures.
- you are a person with a migration background
- your cleaning lady, gardener, accountant, veterinarian or secret-crush are im/migrants
- you just like colors and fashion
- you are a football fan
- you are a conscious consumer
- you see migrants as a potential, as an asset, as contributors to innovation and competitiveness

We've thought about you!

Why is this important?

We want to create a world in which cultural diversity is celebrated, not feared. We want to connect commercial success with social impact in order to create value for nationalities and as well help other migrants who do not yet have their success stories. Most of all, they are discriminated on the job market and barely make it to job interviews. We want to help them get their chances by promoting them and linking them with companies that encourage diverse teams.
Additionally, 10% of the funds raised will be donated into social projects that help asylum seekers cope with the limbo stage they are in, one that makes them lose their sense of purpose because they are not given access to integration measures unless their refugee status is acknowledged. For some, it can take years until they reach that.

Why would you support this project?

We all wear socks. But now you get to wear them with purpose! Because you want to make a stand for the positive image of immigrants and migrants and you want to become an ambassador of cultural diversity. And we need many like you!

If we reach the goal of financing the first round of socks, we will be able to start production.
Your impact will come in 3 waves:

1.We will rock the sock out of our vision to celebrate migration and we will create awareness towards the positive image of migration.
2. You contribute to our goal to bring these socks into the market and create awareness towards the need for promoting migration. The media has caused enough bad PR for us. We want to rebrand our image and show positive examples of im/migrants.
3. Studies show that migrants come second on the labor market. We personally want to help other young migrants to integrate on the job market and we actively support them with know-how, mentoring and our professional network.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

If we reach the goal then we will take the money and:
1. Produce the socks (they are very anxious to come to life!)
2. It will cover shipping costs (with or very special Transylvanian owls) and as well we will ensure that they are produced fairly.
3. We will bring the socks into the first shops and and as such will bring awareness towards the beauty of cultural diversity and create a social impact.
4. Finance the first marketing activities to bring awareness towards the meaning of the pattern and emphasize on its importance to become a symbol for cultural diversity.
5. 10% of the financial goal will be donated to an NGO that supports disadvantaged migrants. We will notify you of which institution it will be and provide details of the activities created with that money. We will make sure the money is well spent.
6. Invest in the production of this new product as part of the „Celebrate Migration“ vision and product collection. At the same time, it will provide funds to raise awareness towards the symbol of migration and will create more visibility for our vision and mission, to promote the value-add of migration and change mindsets.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are Andra & Iulia. Two Romanians fighting for a better image of not just their own nationality, but everyone else's who is tired of read just about the negative examples of failed integration.
We are both from the same birth town in Romania, Sebes (or Mühlbach in German) but we met in Vienna. We believe that migration should be seen for what it is: potential, innovation, a positive impact for economies and societies. The only problem? The media focuses more about what goes wrong instead of looking at the positive effects of diversity. Foreign names and nationalities are mostly linked to crimes. Let's change that and let's make it visible! Let’s show our side of migration! Let’s tell our stories!

Legal notice
Younited Cultures Modeaccessoires GmbH
Alexandra Slaats
Slatingasse 6B/2
1130 Wien Österreich

Unternehmensgegenstand: Modeaccessoires
FN: 418434w
UID: ATU68838957
Gericht: Handelsgericht Wien
Geschäftsführerinnen: Alexandra Slaats, Iulia Mugescu

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