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The socks that rock diversity!

The socks that rock diversity!

Are you celebrating diversity? Let's make that visible! Change your mood and the mood of those around you! Show them how fun diversity is!

Wien Social Business
Younited Cultures
Younited Cultures
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10/13/2016, 02:17 PM Younited Cultures
Dear supporters! We have reached over 50% and have thus funded one piece of the sock pair, so to say. Thank you for bringing us so far! As one of the founder of Younited Cultures, I wanted to share with you why we do what we do. Why we choose to do the impossible in a strange (some say), different (others say), funky (we say) way. Why we choose to break patterns. And even though we are small, together with you, we believe we can make a change. I believe in the power of what unites us. In the potential of who we are. In being different in a funky way. Thank you for walking with us! In colourful socks! The socks that rock diversity are not just socks, they are an instrument, an information channel. The colorful design is meant to express the beauty of migration. A crazy concept in the world we live today. Even though we are all migrants and citizens of this one world, many still look towards what separates us, rather than what unites us. Let’s change that. Let us, those who want to send a message to the world, let us say it loud and colourful. Migrants rock! We want to re-brand the concept of being a migrant, one that has been misrepresented long enough by the press, by populism and by people who think we don’t really exist if we are not really visible. So, let’s wear them and let’s point to the potential, creativity and innovation that a diverse culture creates. Let’s wear the colors and let’s enjoy the walk. Let’s wear the socks. Thank you for the statement you made when you chose to support our initiative. I personally admire each person that takes the time to make this step towards celebrating migration. Because it is one more step towards each other. If you believe this with us, share our link today and help us drive change. One step at a time, or in this case, one sock at a time. Because we are all migrants. And we rock! ☺ Thank you all for walking the journey with us! YOU are truly the YOU in YOUnited Cultures. Yours trully, Andra, ze crazy Romanian ;)

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