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Tearing through musical landscapes and never arriving! Come on a sonic storytelling trip with me and the wonderful musicians I hand-picked to play on this chamber pop album. We are going to deliver a high-quality mix to do the music justice. For that we need your help! Bonus: there are two epic live orchestral tracks on this album!
3.435 €
3.000 € 2. Fundingziel
Projekt erfolgreich
Gefördert von Crowdfunding Berlin
25.08.19, 13:01 Zeina Azouqah

Thankfully, the goal has been reached and I'm in awe of how many people went above and beyond to contribute more than I ever imagined. People believing in independent music keeps me hopeful.
I've made a little soundcloud playlist with some clips of the music. There will be nine tracks in total on the album. Nine lives, nine planets, nine little universes to dance in, get lost in and dream to...maybe even to heal.